This F10 BMW 535i has been a ModBargains customer for some time, we figured it was high time that we take a few minutes and give this F10 the attention it deserves. This F10 in particular is brilliant in its subtlety. Senior Mod Expert Alan Wei has been working with Allen Sheu to make his F10 535i a performer without ruining the stately looks afforded by the 5-Series bodystyle. This car has had a lot of modifications made thus far, and today’s part really was the cherry on top to what Allen Sheu has put together with a little help from the Modification Experts.

The first thing you’ll notice is the HRE FF01 Flow Form Wheels for BMW, the classic styling of HRE‘s looks fantastic as a Flow Forged wheel and offer a great contrast to the Bangle curves of the F10, making these wheels for F10 BMW 5-Series a stellar pairing.


To give the 535i a more aggressive looking forward profile, the front bumper was dumped in favor of an M-Sport style BMW F10 Front Bumper. Subtlety is a big thing here so there’s no flashy unnecessary chrome- Allen and Alan fitted a set of BMW Performance Gloss Black Kidney Grilles for F10 to eliminate any chrome that might detract from the imposing aesthetic and a pair of Gloss Black Painted Fender Light Trim Bezels for F10 5-Series keeps the chrome to a minimum. Further cleaning up the look is a N0 Holes Front License Plate Holder for BMW, allowing Allen to mount his front plate and legally display it without the absolute crime of drilling disgusting holes in the bumper like the dealer would have you do. (Seriously, whoever decided that the best way to mount a license plate was to drill through the paint deserves to be tried for warcrimes or something.)


Out back the aesthetic is further enhanced with a couple of other choice mods. Allen had already fitted a REMUS Exhaust for F10 BMW 535i with four of Remus’ handsome “Street/Race” Carbon-Insert exhaust tips, and that’s complemented by a Hamann Style Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for F10 5-Series to finish off the carbon diffuser/quad-exhaust look. An extra detail that you wouldn’t notice unless it was pointed out are the Painted Rear Reflectors for F10, visible in the photo above – the omission of those bright red reflectors gives the car a much cleaner appearance, don’t you think?

allen-sheu-bmw-f10-remus-hre-ff01-wheels-diffuser-016allen-sheu-bmw-f10-remus-hre-ff01-wheels-diffuser-011One of the trends in tuning that I’m happy to see making a comeback is the rear roof spoiler. If you’re old enough to remember the classic AW11 MR2 or A60 Celica-Supra or the BMW “Batmobile”, you might remember their distinctive rear roof spoilers. A Hamann Style Carbon Fiber Roof Spoiler for F10, complemented by a Carbon Fiber Performance Style Trunk Spoiler for F10 further enhances the executive-tuner dynamic and also suggests that this 5 means business, and the Remus Sport Exhaust for F10 535i announces it aloud.

allen-sheu-bmw-f10-remus-hre-ff01-wheels-diffuser-006 allen-sheu-bmw-f10-remus-hre-ff01-wheels-diffuser-010 allen-sheu-bmw-f10-remus-hre-ff01-wheels-diffuser-012 allen-sheu-bmw-f10-remus-hre-ff01-wheels-diffuser-013
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Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson in Collaboration with Senior Modification Expert Alan Wei