A few months back our friends at Evolution Racewerks came by to show off their new BMW M4, and given how gnarly the M4 is as a car, we were impressed even then – but when the same car rolled up to the shop a few days ago, we did a double take and had to ask Evolution Racewerks to be sure, because we couldn’t believe it was the same BMW M4!

Talk about a before-and-after! When we last saw this car, it looked like this… and the ModAuto Install bay was still under construction. What a difference a few months makes!!!

When you lower a car with coilovers and change things like wheels and tires, after a few hundred miles to let the new parts settle, it’s a good idea to have an alignment done – which is what brought the M4 here today.


Before we go too far, some of you may notice the 435i front fenders – since they were going to be cut up anyways, they were swapped out with the front fenders of a 435i – a car which you can check out in another post. Rolling on massive 20in Klassen iD wheels and lowered on KW Suspension coilovers, this aggressively low beast needed the lowest alignment rack in town. Other alignment shops may say “it’s too low” and make a face, but not us! Check it out- we got it onto the Alignment rack at ModAuto without even removing that massive front splitter – when we were designing the new shop layout, we specifically spec’d out the rack to be flush with the floor because of CARS EXACTLY LIKE THIS.BMW_F82_M4_LTMW_Widebody_KWV3_ER_Brembos_Injen_Intake_-17

Up front, the Klassen iD wheels are wrapped in 255/30-ZR20 Toyo Proxes tires for an impressive amount of stretch. You might’ve noticed the BMW M4 brakes look a bit bigger than stock – that’s because just behind the Klassens looms a massive Brembo Big Brake Kit for BMW M4.

BMW_F82_M4_LTMW_Widebody_KWV3_ER_Brembos_Injen_Intake_-18Rocking a Liberty Walk Widebody Kit for BMW M4, ER’s latest is insanity given form. Those beefy Liberty Walk bolt-on Fender Flares just barely cover a set of 285/30-ZR20 Toyo Proxes in the rear.

Four bright exhaust tips peek out from the massive rear diffuser panel and a set of KW V3 Coilovers for BMW M4 are just barely visible in this shot of the Cat-Back Exhaust for BMW M4 we snapped, though we couldn’t discern the brand – but with a Liberty Walk car, the M4 exhaust‘s going to be a bit custom anyways to make it perfect.
BMW_F82_M4_LTMW_Widebody_KWV3_ER_Brembos_Injen_Intake_-4 Up front, under the hood is a Injen Cold Air Intake for BMW M3/M4, which yields a massive-for-just-an-intake +19whp/23wtq gain.BMW_F82_M4_LTMW_Widebody_KWV3_ER_Brembos_Injen_Intake_-5The Injen Intake incorporates heat shields to keep the intakes fed with only cool air, and the optimized intake tube provides smoother airflow to the FMIC – not to mention the open conical filters don’t muffle noise, meaning you can actually hear your turbos sing you the glorious song of their people.
BMW_F82_M4_LTMW_Widebody_KWV3_ER_Brembos_Injen_Intake_-13 BMW_F82_M4_LTMW_Widebody_KWV3_ER_Brembos_Injen_Intake_-14
BMW_F82_M4_LTMW_Widebody_KWV3_ER_Brembos_Injen_Intake_-1After we got this beauty aligned and back on the ground, the car couldn’t stick around – such is the life of a show car, as busy as a supermodel with photoshoots everywhere.

Still, even though it didn’t stay long, having Evolution Racewerks bring their widebody M4 into the shop was a lot of fun for everybody.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson
Select Photos Bryan Munoz