Founded by a team of engineers and enthusiasts with a background in aeronautics and tuning, Eventuri has been on a mission to get their newest products to the market. The Eventuri brand shares a passion for cars and performance with the goal of setting a new benchmark in intake design and technology. Their Intake Systems are built from the latest and most advanced technology and only the highest-quality materials with cutting edge design, testing, and prototyping methods. 

After their disappointment with owning other aftermarket intakes on their own cars—they’re proud to be raising the bar and creating intake systems that are setting a new standard and genuinely improve the performance of your vehicle. Recently they’ve released an Intake System for the Mercedes AMG GTR, GTS, GT.

Gloss Carbon

Matte Carbon

The Mercedes AMG GTR Eventuri Intake system was developed through extensive real-world testing and airflow simulation analysis. It features the brand’s patented Venturi housing system providing the smoothest airflow to the turbo inlet tube. The housings also encase Eventuri’s bespoke filters, which help shape the airflow and maintain laminar conditions. The filters have also been maximized in internal volume to reduce restrictions and in doing so they have redesigned the OEM central covers. With the sealing to the filter housings, this allows intake air temperatures to be kept steady with the ducts. Eventuri’s AMG GTR Intake System has been tested by World leading Mercedes tuning company, RENNtech. It’s been proven to give a performance increase of 12-18hp, 10-15ft-lb. The resulting gains are noticeable on the road with better throttle response and improved acceleration times and each system comes with a completed carbon central cover.

Dyno Results Summary:

  • Stock (Runs 1 and 2) : 01 – 548.77hp / 494.34tq ; 02 – 551.67hp / 497.54tq
  • Stock with Eventuri (Runs 13 and 14) : 13 – 558.34hp / 521.77tq ; 14 – 559.34hp / 508.46tq
  • Tune only (Runs 5 and 6) : 05 – 589.37hp / 576.67tq ; 06 – 567.63hp / 568.65tq
  • Tune with Eventuri (Runs 9 and 10) : 09 – 596.94hp / 576.09tq ; 10 – 590.07hp / 572.57tq


There are several reasons why Eventuri produces unique Intake Systems in comparison to other companies. Eventuri’s technology capitalizes on their filter housing design, bespoke filters, and emphasizing on creating a “complete solution”. Unlike the majority of intakes, the Eventuri design is essentially different and has been Patented and even at first glance, you could separate an Eventuri Intake System to another aftermarket intake.

The majority of aftermarket intakes use a cone filter mated to an inlet tube with some type of shielding. Pictured below is a diagram that shows a common aftermarket intake using a cone filter secured to an engine inlet tube. These common intakes usually result in a loss of throttle response—performance gains are often limited over the OEM intake system.

Above we showed a diagram on how a typical intake system operates. Below is a diagram on how the Eventuri Intake Systems operate using a reverse mounted filter inside an Eventuri housing. It’s a new type of intake design which is why you don’t see it very often and it’s also granted a patent. Eventuri inverts and decouples the cone filter from the inlet tube. The filter no longer dictates the shape of the airflow and is done by the carbon housing which has a design to smoothly guide the air into the inlet tube without a sudden change in geometry. Essentially the entire housing acts as a large velocity stack and on the road, this translates to more power with a smoother delivery as well as sharper throttle response since the airflow is not inhibited by abrupt geometry changes.

The cone filter is made from a non-woven mesh material that is double layered and is ISO tested to assure that filtration is in line with OEM standards. The result of all this is improved flow, excellent filtration, low intake air temperatures, and ultimately more power.

Each Intake System Includes:

  • 2 x Carbon Fiber Patented Venturi Filter Housings
  • 2 x Bespoke High Flow Dry Cone Filters
  • 2 x Carbon Fiber Inlet Ducts
  • 1 x Carbon Fiber Center Cover
  • 2 x CNC Machined Stainless Steel Outlet Flanges
  • 2 x CNC Machined MAP bosses
  • Heat Shields 
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Brackets

Fitment: C190/R190 AMG GTR, GTS, GT (Excluding the 4-door GT)

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