The standard BMW F44 M235i makes 320 horsepower and runs to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds. But if that’s not enough and you’re craving more oomph and faster straight lines, aftermarket intake company Eventuri has you covered. Now, people from Eventuri need no introduction. They’re known for their exquisite air intake systems and have been setting a new benchmark in the aftermarket industry by using their unique design and technology.

Eventuri offers BMW enthusiast solutions for a myriad of BMW models and they’ve recently added a Carbon Fiber Intake for the BMW F44 M235i to their long list of intake systems. The intake features the Carbon Fiber Venturi housing that BMW owners have been getting used to and an integrated Mass Air Flow sensor section for the smoothest airflow to the turbo inlet tube. The filter used has two-fold filtering capabilities and helps shape the airflow to maintain laminar conditions.

Eventuri opted to not just implement another aftermarket cone filter with a heat shield but a unique redesign that invokes the Venturi effect and maintains laminar flow conditions to reduce drag on the BMW’s turbo. According to Eventuri, the system allows for better throttle response and allows for the turbo to work with a lower waste-gate duty cycle. With all this in mind, you get a whopping acceleration time of 60-130 MPH which is reduced by 0.2 seconds.

They have redesigned the duct to maximize the internal air volume and hide its mounting points. Doing this will allow the duct to make use of all the given space over the slam panel. The duct has a flexible rubber edging around the opening to the filter housing in order to protect against engine bay heat, providing movement within the engine, and ensuring a good seal to the filter.

Intake System Includes:

  • Carbon Fiber Venturi Housing with Integrated MAF Tube
  • Bespoke High Flow Generation 2 Filter
  • Carbon Fiber Sealed Duct
  • Aluminum Inlet Cowls
  • 2 x Laser Cut Stainless Steel Bracket Work


  • 2014-2016 BMW M235i
  • 2017-2020 BMW F39 X2

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