Remus Sportexhaust Manufacturing Tour

Deep in the center of Austria lies the beating heart of Remus Sportexhaust. Founded in 1990 with only 5 employees, within 5 years Remus became one of the largest aftermarket exhaust manufactures and acquired Sebring Technology in 1997. The Remus-Sebring group has now grown to represent one of the highest quality exhaust brands and manufactures in the world.Remus Exhaust Warehouse Raw InvintoryNow with a team of over 600 full time employees and some 17,000+ square meters of production, development, and warehouse space; Remus Innovations continues to maintain their market leading position as the go-to solution for high quality exhaust systems not only for local European vehicle manufactures, but US domestics and JDM vehicles alike.Remus Exhaust Mandrel Bending Device

A World-Wide Power House

From this single location Remus ships out 90% of their manufactured systems to over 60 countries world-wide. Being successful is not easy however, Remus continues to stay ahead of the competition by developing new manufacturing techniques and processes to continually push their quality above and beyond the competition. This includes CNC mandrel tube bending, in-house carbon fiber manufacturing, shot-peening metal surface treatments, even the use of rare metals such as titanium and inconel. Over the last 25 years these techniques have been tested and perfected from their partnership with professional racing teams, enthusiast drivers, and OE Manufactuers alike.Remus Exhaust Canister Roll Forming Prep The level of versatility Remus has at their disposal to design, fabricate, and test every new exhaust system is really unprecedented. This is the kind of dedication to a product you only see when all work is done in-house by the manufacture. Remus is not one of those “private label brands” which simply smash a few generic mufflers to the end of a janky bent pipe and call it a day. You really get a sense that everybody working here is dedicated to the quality and reputation of their work. Bottom line, if OE Manufactures trust Remus to design and build their systems to exacting specs and packaging restraints, you know their quality is second to none. All Remus Exhausts Are Hand Built By Skilled Technicians

Tested & Certified

All Remus systems are built to such high standards that they each receive EC approval. The EC or European Commission is a large governing body responsible for proposing legislation and guidelines for all sorts of day-to-day business in Europe. One of those areas of focus is automobile related emissions and safety features. Since each cat-back system is EC approved, it has been shown to be a direct fit part for the vehicle they are intended for and will not cause additional emissions or damage to the vehicle once installed.

That being said, standards for Homologation and noise levels have been getting stricter each year. Testing methods have changed recently to include more documented details about what the system actually sounds like in real world use. In order to fulfill this part of EC testing, we have to take a peek at Remus’s second location just down the road, a place that is purely dedicated to sound design and development.

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