Nissan_S13_Hatch_Driftcar_Speedhunters (11)

Every once and a while something really out there comes through the shop. A while back, this very distinctive 240SX widebody drift car came out for one of our more recent Mod Nights events.

Nissan_S13_Hatch_Driftcar_Speedhunters (2) Rocking a massive Mishimoto intercooler and oil cooler and rolling on a set of Avant Garde‘s AG Function wheels with super aggressive Toyo R888s front and rear, this thing broke necks the minute it arrived.Nissan_S13_Hatch_Driftcar_Speedhunters (3)

Nissan_S13_Hatch_Driftcar_Speedhunters (6) When you’re drifting, the fact is that the bumpers are going to get messed up – so why even have any? In place of the front bumper is a massive exposed crash bar, designed to soak up the impact of kissing the Armco.Nissan_S13_Hatch_Driftcar_Speedhunters (7)The contrast between this raw drift weapon and the E46 M3 across from it is night and day.
Nissan_S13_Hatch_Driftcar_Speedhunters (9)

Nissan_S13_Hatch_Driftcar_Speedhunters (12) Even in a fairly packed lot full of modded vehicles, this thing stood out from the crowd.
Nissan_S13_Hatch_Driftcar_Speedhunters (14) Nissan_S13_Hatch_Driftcar_Speedhunters (15) The headlights have gone the way of the dodo as well, replaced by a pair of LED strips that suggest the contours of a set of headlights.
Nissan_S13_Hatch_Driftcar_Speedhunters (1)

While its visit was brief, this car is something we’re sure never to forget. Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson