The other day we spotted this Sharp OxWhite Ford Focus ST out in the shop and noticed some interesting goodies slated for installation. Yong K, owner of this ST came to ModAuto after talking to one of our newest Mod Experts, Robert Kochis of @StayCrushing instagram fame. Yong’s Focus ST already had an upgraded Cold Air Intake for Focus ST and was sitting on lowered suspension, but an upgraded intercooler and exhaust were still very much on the to-do list.


The Focus ST Suspension is lowered, as we mentioned earlier, with a set of Eibach Springs for Focus ST, which drops the front end of the car 1.0in and the rear 1.2in for a much better stance and sharper handling without taking away too much from the car’s ride quality.


This car sports more than just the Eibach Springs – the full Eibach Pro-Plus Kit for Focus ST, which pairs a set of Eibach Springs with a set of Eibach Sway Bars.


Here’s how the rear spring and sway bar look installed.





Ford Focus ST gets Wagner Tuning Intercooler


One of the biggest performance gains for the Focus ST comes from upgrading the intercooler – the stock FMIC is undersized for the car and leaves a lot of room for improvement. Your intercooler is that critical piece of the puzzle that will allow your car to go Stage 2 and Stage 3 – you can’t go past stage 1 without upgrading. While most of the intercoolers on the market currently are heavy bar-plate core designs, the Wagner Tuning Intercooler for Ford Focus ST is a tube-fin core, which not only is lighter but also offers more efficient thermal transfer than bar plate core.

As we also mentioned, the Focus ST Intake had been upgraded already as well with an Injen Intake for Focus ST.
Focus_ST_2016_Injen_MBRP_Eibach_Wagner_Tuning-8 Good for an additional 8hp and a massive 22lb/ft of torque gain, the Injen Intake makes your Focus ST faster and the free-flow, low restriction filter element and tubing speed up spool up time and more importantly let you hear that satisfying turbo spool and gives you a bit of that cool “Blow Off Valve” sound.Focus_ST_2016_Injen_MBRP_Eibach_Wagner_Tuning-9
With an integrated heat shield, the Injen Intake is one of the few options available for the Focus ST with pending CARB E/O approval.



The Wagner Tuning Intercooler for Focus ST connects directly to your stock chargepipes, or to stock-routing aftermarket chargepipes, making this an ideal upgrade for those who are sticklers for fitment and want everything to fit like-factory, and the low-key Stealth Black finish is perfect for those who love the sleeper look.


The Wagner Tuning Intercooler for Focus ST offers a 60% increase in core volume and a 50% increase in frontal area for dramatically improved air charge cooling.

Focus_ST_2016_Injen_MBRP_Eibach_Wagner_Tuning-17 What’s more, the CAD optimized design has been engineered to minimize pressure drop to keep spool just as fast even with the big increase in core volume.

Here’s how the Wagner Tuning FMIC for Focus ST looks installed – it’s extremely stealthy and the opposite of the bright flashy aluminum of most aftermarket intercoolers.Focus_ST_2016_Injen_MBRP_Eibach_Wagner_Tuning-22 It was HARD to get any detail on film, this intercooler is that stealthy. This is an FMIC that even your dealer is almost certain to miss.


To give the Focus ST Exhaust some bark to match its bite, Mod Expert Robert set Yong up with an MBRP Cat-Back Exhaust for Focus ST – the MBRP Cat-Back Exhaust is a true 3in exhaust, giving you a whopping +18whp and +16wtq gain on top of the deep, menacing growl and slick dual slash cut tips.

After installing the exhaust, it was time to take it outside and get a look at the end result.
Focus_ST_2016_Injen_MBRP_Eibach_Wagner_Tuning-36 The drop created by the Eibach Springs is immediately evident, as there’s no wheelgap to speak of – this is how the car should sit fresh out of the dealer.Focus_ST_2016_Injen_MBRP_Eibach_Wagner_Tuning-37 In the light, you can just barely make out the Wagner Intercooler hiding behind the lower front grille.
Focus_ST_2016_Injen_MBRP_Eibach_Wagner_Tuning-38 A close inspection reveals a subtle Wagner Tuning logo on the endtank – a nice touch.
Focus_ST_2016_Injen_MBRP_Eibach_Wagner_Tuning-40 The car’s perfectly balanced front to rear, sitting even straight across for a rake-free stance.Focus_ST_2016_Injen_MBRP_Eibach_Wagner_Tuning-43 Out back, the dual slash cut tips of the MBRP Cat Back Exhaust for Focus ST really make a statement.Focus_ST_2016_Injen_MBRP_Eibach_Wagner_Tuning-44 The dual polished slash cut tips give the car a bit more of a sporting character than the hexagonal factory tip.Focus_ST_2016_Injen_MBRP_Eibach_Wagner_Tuning-45 Let’s take a look from a few angles to get a better idea of how the tips fill out the bumper openings.Focus_ST_2016_Injen_MBRP_Eibach_Wagner_Tuning-46 Focus_ST_2016_Injen_MBRP_Eibach_Wagner_Tuning-47 The tips protrude just enough to expose the MBRP Exhaust logo embossed on the barrel.


Yong’s Focus ST is already a lot more than meets the eye, a great example of a well-executed sleeper and shows just how damn good the 15+ ST looks when lowered. Thanks to Yong for choosing to bring his ST to ModAuto. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed the photos!

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson