BMW_E92_335i_Remus_Quad_APRacing_BBK_AvantGarde_M310-8A couple weeks back, this E92 BMW 335i came in to see Mod Expert Blake Brunner to have a few choice upgrades made to the crisp Alpine White 3-series coupe. The first order of business was updating the rear end to accommodate the new Remus Quad Exhaust for BMW 335i E92.


And that wasn’t all we had in store.

BMW_E92_335i_Remus_Quad_APRacing_BBK_AvantGarde_M310-2To get things started, we installed an AP Racing 6-Piston Front Big Brake Kit for BMW E92 paired with a matching AP Racing 4-Piston Rear Big Brake Kit for BMW E92 to ensure the turbo six under the hood never gets the car moving faster than it can bring itself to a stop.

BMW_E92_335i_Remus_Quad_APRacing_BBK_AvantGarde_M310-3These rotors aren’t exactly slotted either, the unique C-shaped grooves offers the benefits of slotting but without any of the structural compromise that normally goes with drilled or slotted rotors.

BMW_E92_335i_Remus_Quad_APRacing_BBK_AvantGarde_M310-4And of course, we needed a new set of wheels to clear the massive brakes. A set of rolling stock from Avant Garde Wheels was just what the doctor ordered. Blake set the 335i up with Avant Garde M359 wheels for BMW in Matte Black 19×8.5 / 19×9.5 both look great and clear the gargantuan stoppers.




BMW_E92_335i_White_AP_Racing_AG_Remus-1 To give the car a bit more of an accent, we fitted a Gloss Black Performance Style Spoiler to compliment the modified M-Sport Rear Bumper for BMW E92.BMW_E92_335i_White_AP_Racing_AG_Remus-2 Let’s take a look from a few different angles here.BMW_E92_335i_White_AP_Racing_AG_Remus-3

The Quad Carbon-Fiber Trimmed Street Race Exhaust tips of the Remus Exhaust for 335i really look great on the car. After fitting the wheels, big brake kit and new exhaust system, all we had to do was get the car into the sun to appreciate the fruits of our labor.

BMW_E92_335i_Remus_Quad_APRacing_BBK_AvantGarde_M310-18 BMW_E92_335i_Remus_Quad_APRacing_BBK_AvantGarde_M310-15


BMW_E92_335i_Remus_Quad_APRacing_BBK_AvantGarde_M310-17 BMW_E92_335i_Remus_Quad_APRacing_BBK_AvantGarde_M310-16 BMW_E92_335i_Remus_Quad_APRacing_BBK_AvantGarde_M310-13 BMW_E92_335i_Remus_Quad_APRacing_BBK_AvantGarde_M310-21

That’s enough of the finer details, now let’s take a look at how the car came together overall.

BMW_E92_335i_Remus_Quad_APRacing_BBK_AvantGarde_M310-10The stance on the Avant Garde M359s is great and the bright red AP Racing Calipers stand out through the matte black wheels.
BMW_E92_335i_Remus_Quad_APRacing_BBK_AvantGarde_M310-20 Check out how they look lit from the other side.

BMW_E92_335i_Remus_Quad_APRacing_BBK_AvantGarde_M310-29 BMW_E92_335i_Remus_Quad_APRacing_BBK_AvantGarde_M310-22

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Story & Select Photos Nick Gregson
All Other Photos by Brett Swan