Every once and a while, a great vehicle feature will get shot and doesn’t get posted – such is the case with this car that came in back in March. Before the 335i changed everything, the 330i was holding things down with 255hp on tap, compared to the 215hp you’d find in a 325i of the same year – so it’s not exactly a slouch, but it’s not the powerhouse the 335i is.

This particular E90 BMW 330i came into the shop to be fitted with a few upgrades to make the non-turbo 330i a bit more of a looker – and performer — with a bit of help from the Mod Experts.
Avant_Garde_M359_MB_19x9_19x10_Toyo_HM_Lip_white_E90_BMW_330i_Img-3To make the Halos a bit more lively, we installed a set of LED Angel Eye Bulbs for BMW E90 3-series. Check out how crisp and white the LED lit halos look compared to the yellowy halos with the factory incandescent bulbs.
Avant_Garde_M359_MB_19x9_19x10_Toyo_HM_Lip_white_E90_BMW_330i_Img-5 Here’s a closeup of how the halos look stock.Avant_Garde_M359_MB_19x9_19x10_Toyo_HM_Lip_white_E90_BMW_330i_Img-6 And here’s a closeup with the LEDs fitted.

LED Angel Eyes for E90 wasn’t all we did – oh no – next we fitted an HM Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip for E90 BMW 330i, which gives the car a much more aggressive aesthetic. Contoured to match the curves of the factory bumper, the HM Style lip features winglets at each end of the splitter to maximize aerodynamic – and visual – effect.
Avant_Garde_M359_MB_19x9_19x10_Toyo_HM_Lip_white_E90_BMW_330i_Img-22Check out the profile of the front splitter looking down to get a better idea of its shape.


Avant Garde M359 Matte Black 19×9 ET35 / 19×010 ET38 / Toyo Proxes 255/35-19 / 265/30-19

We installed a set of Avant Garde M359 wheels for BMW in Matte Black, spec’d out at 19×9 ET35 / 19×10 ET38
To give the 330i better grip in the corners, the rubber specified is a set of Toyo Proxes T1 Sport tires in 255/35-19 / 265/30-19 for an awesome staggered look. From this angle you can also see the smoked LED Sidemarkers for BMW E90, which tie the BMW E90’s lighting in nicely to the car’s black/white color theme.


Here’s a closer look at those smoked LED sidemarkers for BMW E90. These sidemarkers are also a great lighting upgrade for E82 and E92 models.


Avant Garde M359 Matte Black 19×9 ET35 / 19×010 ET38 / Toyo Proxes 255/35-19 / 265/30-19

From every angle, the wheels, the carbon, the tint and other black accents work together beautifully to create an aggressive streetfighter BMW 330i.
Avant_Garde_M359_MB_19x9_19x10_Toyo_HM_Lip_white_E90_BMW_330i_Img-25 Avant_Garde_M359_MB_19x9_19x10_Toyo_HM_Lip_white_E90_BMW_330i_Img-26 Avant_Garde_M359_MB_19x9_19x10_Toyo_HM_Lip_white_E90_BMW_330i_Img-27-BMTS9014

To give the 330i exterior more character at the rear, we fitted a Performance Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler for BMW E90 to liven things up.

Avant_Garde_M359_MB_19x9_19x10_Toyo_HM_Lip_white_E90_BMW_330i_Img-30 Here’s how the Performance Style Trunk spoiler looks installed. Check it out from a few angles below.Avant_Garde_M359_MB_19x9_19x10_Toyo_HM_Lip_white_E90_BMW_330i_Img-31

Avant Garde M359 Matte Black 19×9 ET35 / 19×010 ET38 / Toyo Proxes 255/35-19 / 265/30-19

Avant_Garde_M359_MB_19x9_19x10_Toyo_HM_Lip_white_E90_BMW_330i_Img-34-BMTS9014All in all, we think this is a great fit stylistically.


Avant Garde M359 Matte Black 19×9 ET35 / 19×010 ET38 / Toyo Proxes 255/35-19 / 265/30-19

We love how the makeover of this E90 BMW 330i went – really dialing up the aggression of this very capable Purist’s BMW and gives it a look befitting its performance potential.


Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson