A few months back we played host to 1Fest, the west coast meeting of the 1Addicts forum, and also the biggest gathering of 1-series on the west coast. We had several sponsors for the event that donated prizes to give out to the community – Vogtland Suspension donated some prizes, and today was the day to install the Vogtland Springs for E82 BMW 135i that Matt M. had won in our raffle.


Matt M’s E82 135i already was rocking a Carbon Fiber Front Lip for E82 135i which gives his 1er a bit more visual flair than the next guy.

BMW_E82_135i_1addict_Vogtland_springs_remus_quad_exhaust-2From this angle, we can see the Vogtland Springs as they appear installed into the front suspension.
BMW_E82_135i_1addict_Vogtland_springs_remus_quad_exhaust-4Here’s a closer look at the Vogtland Springs for E82 – Vogtland chooses their spring rates so that the car sits lower, but doesn’t ruin the ride quality of the BMW 135i suspension.
BMW_E82_135i_1addict_Vogtland_springs_remus_quad_exhaust-6 Out back, the car sports a carbon fiber performance style diffuser – set up with dual wide openings for quad exhaust tips. And speaking of quad exhaust – you don’t want any old mufflershop-fabulous exhaust for 135i just welded on there – a Remus Quad Exhaust for BMW 135i has been fitted, featuring quad carbon fiber trimmed “Street Race” style tips- certainly one of Remus Exhaust best offerings, in our opinion, anyways.BMW_E82_135i_1addict_Vogtland_springs_remus_quad_exhaust-7Here’s the new side profile, sitting on the Vogtland Springs – the ride height looks perfect in our opinion – but let’s take a look from a few more angles.
BMW_E82_135i_1addict_Vogtland_springs_remus_quad_exhaust-9 BMW_E82_135i_1addict_Vogtland_springs_remus_quad_exhaust-11

From this angle sitting low, Remus Quad Exhaust for BMW 135i really looks at home in that carbon fiber performance style diffuser, which matches the Performance Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler for BMW 135i beautifully.

BMW_E82_135i_1addict_Vogtland_springs_remus_quad_exhaust-13We love how the car came out and are always impressed by how big a difference something as simple as lowering a car can make, and the Vogtland Springs will be a great for driving around the very imperfect streets of Southern California. Thanks to Matt M for coming in to for his install – both he and ModBargains CEO/Co-Founder (and former 135i driver) Mike Brown looks pretty pleased with the end result.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time!

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson