This E46 M3 is like something straight out of a dream. A low mileage, Laguna Seca Blue M3 in pristine condition. The owner Chris bought this car just recently with only fourteen thousand miles on the odometer. Needless to say this really is a rare find, that’s the same amount of mileage most new cars receive in their first year on the road. The car just recently underwent a whole transformation which completely changed nearly every aspect of it, engine, transmission, exhaust, suspension, chassis, wheels, all updated. This M3 has been reborn, and its new life will mostly be spent at the track. Some people might not agree with the idea of taking a car this rare in this condition and deciding to track it, but at the end of the day the owner wants to enjoy this car for the purpose it was built. He doesn’t just want to hide it away in a garage fearing every spec of dust, he wants to enjoy it.

Fortunately the car is getting nothing but the best when it comes to parts. No compromising on cheap parts here, only quality. When starting a project on any older car, no matter the condition, it is always wise to do basic maintenance first and foremost. On this vehicle all the fluids and hoses were checked and replaced so there wouldn’t be any easily avoidable issues. After that the car was equipped with a set of HRE FF01 wheels in liquid Silver (Front: 19×8.5 +30 Rear:19×10.5 +26) wrapped in Michelin PS4S tires. This combo is a cross between class and grip that will allow the car to preform at its peak potential. After tires, one of the most important things to keep in mind on the track is suspension. At the conclusion of this build the M3 will be equipped with Moton 4-way adjustable coilovers which are top of the line when it comes to suspension. In preparation for this track-ready suspension setup the whole rear subframe was dropped and had new bushings installed which helps with overall stability. The car also received a brand new Dinan differential to help deliver the car’s power equally to the rear wheels.

Speaking of power, let’s talk performance mods since everybody loves horsepower. To free up airflow the car has had a beautiful Dinan Free Flow exhaust installed as well as some new Dinan High Flow Throttle Bodies. Dinan is one of the biggest and most reputable aftermarket brands for BMW so we always trust their parts to function beautifully and reliably. However, these two parts together are there to help support the biggest power mod that this car received: a supercharger. This supercharger kit from ESS tuning (525 kit) boosts the car up a whopping 192hp and about 71 lbs-ft of torque on just 8 pounds of boost. This kit brings the M3 up to the levels of power that the infamous E60 M5 is praised for. Topping all this is a stunning Dinan front strut tower brace which helps to reduce body roll and increase chassis stability.E46, M3, Laguna blue, Track, M3 Supercharger, HRE, Wheels, FF04

A few other exciting bits the car has on it are a couple supporting mods such as a stage 3 ACT clutch and flywheel kit which gives the transmission the extra help it needs to transmit the massive amount of power to the road. Speaking of the new power, always remember that when you are going faster you need to be able to stop faster too. That is where this car’s new Brembo six piston front and four piston rear brakes come into play. On the track its not always about power, handling and braking are going to improve your lap times significantly because you will be able to hold your speed for longer on the straights and retain more of that speed in corners.E46, M3, Laguna blue, Track, M3 Supercharger, HRE, Wheels, FF04

In the interior the car is still pretty stock with the exception of a brand new shifter (which feels great, very short and notchy) and a set of Dinan Pedals. These are mainly for driving feel and make everything a bit more comfortable and easier to use while driving.E46, M3, Laguna blue, Track, M3 Supercharger, HRE, Wheels, FF04, interior

This really is a rare find and it’s good to see that someone is going to be enjoying it on the track, pushing the car to its limit. I’ve personally always believed that cars were meant to be driven and not garaged. Sure putting mileage on or modifying the car might decrease it’s value but who cares, life isn’t all about resale values and odometer readings. If you are looking to modify your own vehicle, whatever it may be, make sure to check our website for all your aftermarket parts.  If you’re interested in building your E46 M3 like Chris’s be sure to hit up our Mod Expert Paul, who helped Chris with choosing and ordering parts. He can be reached at or by phone at (714)582-3330 x8004. All of our Mod Experts are very knowledgeable and are happy to help with any project big or small. To reach our general inbox contact or call (714)582-3330. We look forward to helping you build your dream car.