The Chrysler group has been on a roll lately – the SRT Hellcat Charger releases, the supercar-rivaling family sedan. Following shortly thereafter was the SRT Hellcat Challenger, for those who want Hellcat power figures, but don’t have car seats. As if that wasn’t enough, out rushes the SRT Demon boasting blistering 1/4 mile times (the highest power figures Dodge has ever achieved) and becoming the fastest muscle car ever produced. Chrysler sat back, kicked their feet up, and said… “more!”

Enter the Trackhawk. Jeep’s Hellcat-powered Grand Cherokee enters the arena with 707hp erupting from its supercharged 6.2L V8 Hemi is the latest in the line of SRT super-muscle cars, nailing a 3.5sec 0-60 time and serving up 11sec quarter mile times. With such beastly power figures, there’s only one thing left to ask, obviously –

Is it low? No.

Can we lower it? Yes.

Eric brought his WK2 Trackhawk to us with some tasteful carbon fiber trim, wanting to complement his aggressive Avant Garde M610 wheels with a better stance. Luckily, the engineers at Eibach have a solution for enthusiasts like Eric: the Special Edition Pro-kit.

This particular Pro-Kit drops the front of the car 1.1″ in the front, and 2.1″ in the rear, creating a substantially lower stance for the Trackhawk. What’s more, the beauty of Eibach’s Pro-Kit lowering springs is that they not only lower the car, they also provide noticeably increased handling performance over the stock springs.

For those not wanting to take the leap up to a coilover system, which can be pricy, lowering springs are a great way to cost-effectively close your wheel gap and gain a more dynamic driving experience. For something as large as the Trackhawk, body roll is less than one would expect due to factory suspension tuning, but Eibach’s pro-kit springs are even better tuned to perform and handle all 5,363lbs of curb weight.

At a 2.1″ drop in the rear and 1.1″ in the front, these springs give Eric’s Trackhawk a noticeably lower and more aggressive stance, while still leaving plenty of clearance for larger wheel and tire setups (like this Avant Garde M610 configuration) to keep that big body look.

We’re excited to see what’s next for Eric’s Jeep as well as future aftermarket possibilities for the WK2 platform! f you like how Eric’s Jeep Trackhawk turned out, get in touch with our General Manager Alan Wei, who offered his expertise and suggestions on this WK2. He can be reached at (714) 582-3330 x8006 or by email at You can also contact any one of our team of highly trained and experienced Mod Experts. Each one has a rich history of car modding and can help with mod suggestions, fitment help, and more! To reach our general Mod Expert line call (714) 582-3330 or email We also have live chat available at during normal business hours.