A drop can make all the difference in the look of your car aesthetically – like this dealership fresh C7 Audi A6. The stock ride height looks more like a 4×4 than a Quattro Sports Saloon, so a simple drop, courtesy of a set of H&R Sport Springs for C7 Audi A6, was just what the doctor ordered.
HR_Springs_Audi_C7_A6_30T_Supercharged_Quattro_-2Here you can see the H&R Springs mounted into place before we fully reassemble the suspension. Audi and H&R work closely together and many Audi models have H&R Springs as a factory option.

HR_Springs_BEFORE_Audi_C7_A6_30T_Supercharged_Quattro_-5 HR_Springs_Audi_C7_A6_30T_Supercharged_Quattro_-5Let’s take a step back and get a wider view here.
HR_Springs_Audi_C7_A6_30T_Supercharged_Quattro_-7HR_Springs_BEFORE_Audi_C7_A6_30T_Supercharged_Quattro_-9The rear springs look equally at home in place at the rear of the car.

With the suspension reassembled, we can go ahead and get this A6 back on the ground.HR_Springs_Audi_C7_A6_30T_Supercharged_Quattro_-9

With the car sitting back on the ground again, the A6 looks sleeker than ever, even if it is still rolling on the stock wheels – though it’s not like fixing that is terribly hard. 
HR_Springs_Audi_C7_A6_30T_Supercharged_Quattro_-13 The H&R Springs give the A6 suspension a slighly raked stance – given H&R’s close relationship with Audi itself, these sport springs don’t ride much harsher than stock yet afford the benefits of a lower stance and better handling performance.HR_Springs_Audi_C7_A6_30T_Supercharged_Quattro_-14The rear of the car has more gap than the front of the car, this could be because it hasn’t settled yet, but more likely it’s to compensate for the potential load of 5 passengers and their luggage without going “too low”.
HR_Springs_Audi_C7_A6_30T_Supercharged_Quattro_-16 HR_Springs_Audi_C7_A6_30T_Supercharged_Quattro_-17
The drop was really what this Audi A6 needed to look its best, and all it took was a set of H&R Sport Springs for C7 Audi A6.

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Story & Photos by Nick Gregson