When Matt bought his 2014 Subaru BRZ in February of this year, he hadn’t done much in terms of modifications. Sure, he’d done the usual suite of Plasti-dipped wheels and headlight swaps we all do as kids, but nothing too serious. Matt ran through a couple of less-than-satisfying automatic cars but he knew he had to have the feeling of a manual transmission again, and so back in February, the time was right to check out the Subaru dealer – and much like I did years ago when I saw my 280ZX for the first time (more on that story another time) – Matt fell in love with the sleek lines of its classic fastback coupe bodystyle and it came home with him that day.
“I’d always dreamed of having a wide-body import that turned heads everywhere I went so visual mods were the first goal I had in mind. After laying eyes on Tra Kyoto’s Rocketbunny kit, I knew that was the direction this car was going next.”Matt started off fairly slow, adding the wing first, but then as the other mods began to materialize, like the Forgestar F14 Wheels for BRZ in matte black, the community saw this car was going to get a whole lot more than just a wing, the reaction was quite positive.
Since Matt’s not in our neck of the woods it’s not like the Mod Experts can be there in person, but with a little research and care, Matt’s been doing it himself, checking everything to be sure it’s done correctly. The love of customization and personalization of this BRZ is obvious and reflects Matt’s personality.
Growing up, he was a huge fan of the Dragon Ball Z anime series, and he wanted to implement that theme in its design, and looking at his work with a careful eye, the theme becomes clearer and clearer. Dragon Ball gold-hued accents peek out here and there from behind the matte black Rocket Bunny Subaru BRZ Widebody Kit, giving the car the same sort of contours as the bulging muscles of the saiyan fighters of the TV show.
Like any work of art, it’s a work in progress – at this stage, this is the second version of the car’s exterior styling, its current aesthetic designed specifically to take home the prize at a local Import Face Off Car Show. And there’s no big money sponsor here, this amazing car is the work of one guy’s labor of love.Thanks to Matt for sharing his hard work with us!BRZinterior1Here’s the rundown of Matt’s rather thorough mod list:
Raceseng Ashiko Shift Knob
Kartboy Short Shifter
VHT Metallic Gold Painted Plastics
C-West BRZ Front bumper
BuddyClub Aventador Tail lights
Perrin Front Plate Relocator kit
FT86Club UEL Header
Perrin Overpipe
Greddy Evo3 Catback
Cusco Adjustable Trailing Arms
Near-Future Modifications:
Kraftwerks C38 Supercharger
Seibon FA-Style Hood
Bride Zeta III racing seatsFinished RocketBunnyBRZ_IFO Finished1 ImportFaceoff_BRZ RocketBunnyBRZ_Front
Thanks again to Matt for sharing this fantastic build with us and we look forward to seeing the next step in the evolution of this BRZ.Interested in modding your FR-S or BRZ? Talk to the Mod Experts – call 714-582-3330 today to get advice on your next mod from our friendly and enthusiastic Modification Experts.Story by Nicholas Gregson
Photos Courtesy Matt Bailey