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The Dodge Challenger R/T is a mean modern musclecar, however there are a few fuddy-duddy things about it that are holdovers from the 1970’s that simply need to be addressed for the Challenger to be its best. We’ll start with the most obvious flaw – the excessive wheelgap. That’s why brought this Challenger R/T in to see Mod Expert Jon, our resident Mopar specialist, to fix the problem.Dodge Challenger_Eibach_Springs_Solo_Exhaust (5)

Eibach Sportline Springs for 08-14 Dodge Challenger V6, R/T + SRT8

To eliminate the ugly wheelgap, we installed a set of Eibach‘s SPORTLINE springs to drop the LC Challenger suspension. Offering a more aggressive drop than Eibach‘s Pro-Kit lowering springs, these Sportline springs drops the R/T 2.0in up front and 2.1in at the rear, giving the Challenger a much more menacing stance.

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Eibach Sportline Springs for 08-14 Dodge Challenger V6, R/T + SRT8

The Sportline Springs are bright red, as opposed to the subdued black used for the Pro-Kit springs.

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Next, it was time to address the problem of how the car sounded. The factory Dodge Challenger exhaust on R/T models is a bit subdued, offering a quiet touring oriented ride ideal for those graybeards hanging out at all the old-timey Musclecar shows. To give the car that V8 rumble you expect out of a goddarn HEMI, Jon recommended a Solo Performance Mach X Exhaust for Challenger R/T Automatics.



Solo-Performance-Challenger RT Auto – CAT Back Exhaust img003The Solo Performance exhaust for Automatic Challenger R/Ts offers more than just great sound – it also delivers an outright ridiculous TWENTY NINE HORSEPOWER GAIN with an additional THIRTY ONE lb/ft of torque. For a cat-back exhaust ALONE on an otherwise stock car, that’s insane.
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Eibach Sportline Springs for 08-14 Dodge Challenger V6, R/T + SRT8 / Solo Performance Exhaust

Check out how the exhaust looks installed. From this angle, you also get a great view of the bright red Eibach Sportline springs.

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This is the rear view of the undercarriage – you can see how the Solo Performance Mach X exhaust system for automatic Dodge Challengers fits into the car and also get a glimpse of the unique J-pipes that help eliminate excessive drone.

Dodge Challenger_Eibach_Springs_Solo_Exhaust (4) A true cat-back system, this exhaust picks up after the mid-pipe.Dodge Challenger_Eibach_Springs_Solo_Exhaust (8)
Dodge Challenger_Eibach_Springs_Solo_Exhaust (12) The Solo Performance Exhaust is available with either quad round or dual rectangular exhaust tips, and the rectangular tips really fit well with the look of the car.
Dodge Challenger_Eibach_Springs_Solo_Exhaust (13) Of course, after lowering the car 2in front and rear, an alignment was needed to dial the car in.
Dodge Challenger_Eibach_Springs_Solo_Exhaust (14) Here’s the side profile of the car, giving you a better idea of the drop created by the Eibachs while we have it up on our alignment rack. Now equipped with a Hunter Alignment rig, we offer 4-wheel Alignments for ANY car using our lowered-car-friendly, flush-with-the-floor alignment rack – we offer this service for just $129 (as of press time), which is about what the average alignment shop would charge, assuming they don’t upcharge you for “being lowered”.Dodge Challenger_Eibach_Springs_Solo_Exhaust (15)

The car looks great with the excessive wheelgap gone, giving it the menacing, aggressive look you’d expect of a black Challenger R/T.

Dodge Challenger_Eibach_Springs_Solo_Exhaust (19) That’s it for now, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson