dodge-challenger-rt-black-niche-eibach-borla-atak-19 The Dodge Challenger is a muscular grand tourer, but in factory guise, its exhaust system lacks that traditional Musclecar Panache you’d expect, and the OEM ride height is better suited to a RAM truck than a musclecar icon. We’ve done a couple Challengers in the past and we’ve even had a very similar Challenger a while back that we also aligned, but that car had a different exhaust and lacked the cool Shaker hood dodge-challenger-rt-black-niche-eibach-borla-atak-9dodge-challenger-rt-black-niche-eibach-borla-atak-11

Here we are at stock ride height prior to fitting the Eibach springs – there’s just wayy too much wheelgap and it really takes away from the car, and the factory springs are notoriously soft, which doesn’t make for a confidence-inspiring handler. Then, to give it the power and sound you expect of a Musclecar, we’ll be replacing the factory exhaust with an aggressive new exhaust system from Borla.


The Borla Exhaust for Dodge Challenger is available in three flavors, from tamest to wildest: Touring, S-type and ATAK. Opting for the most aggressive sound, we’re fitting the ATAK variant of the system.


With previous experience with both the Challenger’s exhaust and suspension, the techs at the ModAuto installation facility made quick work of the car.

This Dodge Challenger now sat low thanks to the Eibach Springs for Challenger to drop the ride height and eliminate some of the excess wheelgap, sharpening the handling to make it more like the SCCA Trans-Am class racecar that inspired its shape.


The quad rectangular tips look great and are a perfect fit for the ‘period’ look of the car.


The embossed Borla logos on the tips are also a nice touch.


After lowering any car, an alignment is a great idea to ensure you get the most out of your tires and proper handling performance. As you can see on the righthand edge of the photo above, the alignment rack here at the ModAuto install shop is perfectly flush with the floor, which lets us align even the most slammed of lowered vehicles to get onto our rack and get their suspension dialed in to spec.


Our Hunter precision alignment system features a unique database that has alignment specifications for every make and model, but the biggest perk of our system is that it also has spec data for how the car should be aligned if it’s lowered.

It doesn’t take a PHD in Mechanical Engineering to figure out that if you lower the car, the way the suspension sits is going to be different than it was at stock ride height, so using alignment specifications that are tailored to the car’s new lower ride goes a long way. We offer 4-wheel Alignments for just $125, click here to book yours today.

With just two bolt on modifications, this Dodge Challenger is more fun to look at, listen to, and better to drive with sharper handling and more power.
Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson