diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img005dd-fogs-fiesta-before-afterLast week, we showed off the Diode Dynamics Luxeon Type A LED Fog Lights at our Monthly Ford ST/EcoBoost Ford meet here at ModBargains (3rd Wednesday of every month, next on February 18th 2015) and everyone in attendance was blown away by the amazing output offered by the Luxeon LED Fog Lights.

You may have seen Aaron S’ Fiesta Titanium before, and since you’ve seen it last, it’s evolved even further with even more done to it- the latest of which was a set of these LED fogs.

Installation was a bit trickier on the titanium than it is on an ST, as the non-ST cars have a shallower “face” and thus there’s a lot less room to get at the fog lights from behind.
Accessing the passenger side fog lamp is easy from above with the headlight removed, but the driver’s side was easier to get at through the wheel well, but on my own ST I found going in from above was the easiest way to get at the fogs.



Given that it’s daylight out right now, we can’t show you the output on this exact Fiesta, but have a look at this back-to-back comparison shot of these same Luxeon Type A’s, but fitted to a Focus ST instead:

As you can see from the graphic – which by the way, was shot on the same camera, same exposure, same settings, no editing done to the photos. The difference is pretty stark. It’s worth noting that in this same comparison the Diode Dynamics Luxeon Type A’s outperformed HIDs stuck into the OEM Fog Lamp housings, and also are brighter than the 25W OEM HIDs of the Focus ST3.

So, since it was bright out, we did the only sensible thing we could – we took some awesome photos. Take a look at how Aaron’s Fiesta looks with the Diode Dynamics Luxeons LED Fogs fitted.

diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img007 diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img006 diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img010 diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img011 diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img012 diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img022Then the weather let up a bit, so we took the opportunity for a Fiesta Fiesta fotorama.

diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img020 diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img019 diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img018 diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img017 diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img016 diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img015 diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img014 diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img013 diode-dynamics-xml2-h11-fogs-ford-fiesta-installed-img003

After installing them, we asked Aaron what his thoughts were on the Luxeons:
“I’ve been searching for the right LED fog lights for my car to replace the stock halogen units. After debating on getting LED bulbs, LED array units, or LED projector lenses, I decided on the Diode Dynamics LED projectors. The clean high end look and the amazing light output sold me immediately! And as usual, the staff at ModAuto were the best! I couldn’t be happier with the fog lights or the service from ModAuto!”


We’re thrilled we could get these installed so quickly for Aaron, and if we’re honest, we’re a bit jealous – a set of Luxeon Type A LED fog lights is next on the list of mods for our Project Fiesta ST!

Story & Photos by ST Owner/Specialist Nick Gregson aka BlueBomber

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