IMG_1472The Audi RS7 is an impressive Super-Saloon, but the OEM ride height can leave something to be desired. The C7 Audi RS7 features a factory Air Ride suspension system that yields a soft ride yet high performance handling response. Unfortunately, the stock settings are a bit less than sporting for the tastes of some, which is why this new Electronic Lowering Module from H&R Suspension is such a fantastic idea.

If you’ve been under the hood of a car in the last decade, you probably know that there’s a computer and a sensor for everything. Well, there’s an upside to that, because computers can easily be manipulated or reprogrammed.

IMG_1463Instead of dismantling the suspension – or even removing the wheels, we just pop the trunk, peel back the carpeting and a few trim pieces, and connect our H&R Suspension Audi lowering module for Audi A7 Suspension.

IMG_1464This simple little box connects easily and easily hides away under the OEM trim panels/carpet when installed.

IMG_1483 IMG_1466 IMG_1480Once the module is installed, the ride height is controlled through the in-car entertainment system as OEM. Pretty slick, right?
IMG_1470 IMG_1468For perspective, here’s the stock ride height before we lowered it and brought it outside. It’s worth noting that if your trunk doesn’t work after install, you tripped “Valet Mode”.
IMG_1485 IMG_1486 IMG_1488After getting the Audi RS7 back on the ground and out into the sun, you can really appreciate the drop in ride height. The amount of drop reduces the wheelgap exactly the right amount and increases handling performance and response, like you’d expect of any H&R Suspension part.

We were really impressed by how easy it is to lower a modern air-ride vehicle with one of these modules. What did you think? Sound off in the comments below!

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Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson