It’s not often you see BMW 335d’s – and that’s a shame, with their mountain of torque, great fuel economy and the refinement of today’s diesels- particularly BMW’s- make these great cars to own. Customer Stephanie who owns this particularly 335d, is a LEO out on the east coast. Stephanie was looking for a set of wheels for her 335d, and reached out to Modification Expert Elliott (x8009) to recommend a set of BMW Wheels that would look good on her BMW E90 335d.


Having had the character-building experience of completing a Police Academy out here in Southern California, and I had the privilege of sharing my class with some of the finest men and women in Orange County Law Enforcement today. She may be a she, but as someone who has been through an LEO academy, I can tell you first hand the women of Law Enforcement are no joke- and they know their stuff.

bmw-335d-on-forgestar-f14-005 (1)

It takes a special person with an eye for detail to recognize how awesome a 335d is – nobody buys a 335d out of the blue – it’s a purposeful, deliberate decision. When one goes through a Law Enforcement academy, it’s not just learning the law, policy and firearms proficiency – by the end of it, you’re going to be able to drive pretty well. Given her EVOC high performance driver training, the outstanding handling of the E90 platform is a great fit.


Your average patrol car spends a lot of time idling, and one of the great things about a diesel is that at idle, hardly any fuel is used – which pays off at every stoplight just as much as it is getting yourself together in the car at 0-dark-thirty before heading in for your shift. What’s more, you’ve got this ridiculous surge of power available at nearly every point in the rev band, and yet you’re still offered great fuel efficiency along with that monster torque.

Given that the car is a pretty stellar platform, it just needed that little something extra to make this diesel-burner a head-turner.


A set of Forgestar F14s were just what the doctor ordered, Elliott recommended a fitment of 19×8.5 up front and 19×9.5 F14 Super Deep Concaves out back, done in textured gunmetal. The F14’s SDC profile looks great out back and the wide tires are just the thing to cope with the tsunami of torque offered by the diesel under the hood – and contrary to what you might expect of a diesel, it’s no slouch either.


Huge thanks to Stephanie for sharing these photos of her E90 335d with us so we could appreciate the great fitment on this rather rare E90.

If you’re interested in picking up a set of Wheels for BMW, give the Modification Experts like Elliott (X8009) a call at 714-582-3330 – we can recommend a fitment that’s just right for your style, budget and the specs of your BMW.
Story by Nicholas Gregson in Collaboration with Senior Modification Expert Elliott
Photos courtesy Stephanie