BMW_E82_135i_On_Vogtland_Coilovers-7When you’re lowering your daily driver, it’s important you choose a suspension setup that’s well matched for the conditions you’re actually going to be driving around in- surface streets are hardly the Thermal Club BMW Performance Center West – so a suspension upgrade suited to real world driving is the best choice. The owner of this E82 BMW 135i wanted a performance suspension upgrade that wouldn’t break the bank or his back – and the Mod Experts had just the solution.


Despite having been around for a century, Vogtland Springs still seems to be a name that few are familiar with. Which is a shame, because if you’re on a tighter budget and want a suspension upgrade that’s affordable and won’t destroy your ride quality, Vogtland is exactly what the doctor ordered. Starting at just $799.99, a set of Vogtland Coilovers for BMW E82 is one of the least expensive and probably the most comfortable way to drop your 1er.
BMW_E82_135i_On_Vogtland_Coilovers-6The techs at Mod Auto made quick work of relieving this E82 suspension of its stock springs and shocks.


Vogtland coilovers, despite being affordable, are manufactured using quality TUV Approved components – their coilovers feature galvanized steel shock bodies manufactured by KW Suspension (the same type featured in ST Coilovers) – and Vogtland’s own unique in-house-manufactured springs.BMW_E82_135i_On_Vogtland_Coilovers-11Featuring fixed damping and adjustable ride height, these coilovers for BMW E82 135i are pre-set specifically for the E82 platform, not one-size-fits-all generic settings.

BMW_E82_135i_On_Vogtland_Coilovers-16Here’s how the coilovers look installed.
Of course, there’s no better excuse to take some rolling shots than a fresh drop as well.BMW_E82_135i_On_Vogtland_Coilovers-20 BMW_E82_135i_On_Vogtland_Coilovers-21
We know that an object in motion doesn’t look the same sitting still, so check out how the car looks static on the Vogtland coilovers.
BMW_E82_135i_On_Vogtland_Coilovers-22 BMW_E82_135i_On_Vogtland_Coilovers-28 BMW_E82_135i_On_Vogtland_Coilovers-29

BMW_E82_135i_On_Vogtland_Coilovers-25 BMW_E82_135i_On_Vogtland_Coilovers-30

The overall look of the car is perfect on the Vogtland coilovers – the stance is just right,  without being overly low or taking away from the car – an ideal daily driver that can still carve the canyons with the best of them.

Interested in lowering your car? Check out what Vogtland Suspension options are available for your car at or talk to the Mod Experts – call 714-582-3330, chat live at or stop by the Mod Auto showroom in La Habra, CA any day during business hours.

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Story & Photos by Nick Gregson