The brand new Infinity Q60 Red Sport is a natural born killer. Equipped with a twin turbo V6 making 400 horsepower, 350 ft. of torque, and an intelligent all wheel drive system this car can track down and dominate its competitors. The car has a grand presence to it, the sharp but sleek lines give this car a very aggressive and assertive look that strikes fear into any M owner. Steven is the owner of this beastly 2018 Red Sport. The car currently has a good amount done to it with more on the way.

Currently for wheels and tires he’s running a beautiful set of HRE FF04’s (20×10.5 +30 front 20×11.5 +50 rear) with Michelin PS4s tires (265/30 r20 front 295/30 R20 rear) for ultimate grip. The car has some added red carbon fiber goodies including a front lip, rear diffuser, and a trunk spoiler. Naturally the red carbon flows flawlessly with the paint of the car adding to its aggressive nature while still keeping a classy look. For performance the car currently has Stillen Dual intakes, AMS Heat Exchanger, AMS Test Pipes, and an Ark Cat-Back performance exhaust. All these things together drastically help out with the breathability of the car and add power in return. With the combination of new wheels and tires plus the performance mods this car is taken from an M3 competitor to and M3 killer.

The most noticeable and time consuming mod that has been done to the car are the Revel Touring Sport Coilovers. Revel Coilovers are a relatively new company from Tanabe who offer good coilovers at a competitive price point. For around a thousand dollars you get a set of 32-way adjustable coilovers with adjustable camber and mono-tube dampers.

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You may be wondering why I would say they’re time consuming, the reason is it takes about six hours for those coilovers, if you’re experienced. The fronts are like any traditional coilover install and is straight forward but the rears aren’t so traditional.  The way the Q60 was designed in the rear makes it difficult to access the top of the struts. You have to remove the entire rear interior of the car, the seats, the carpets, the plastic trimming, literally everything must come out. The process can get messy and very tedious especially if you’ve never installed coilovers yourself so it’s recommended that you take it to a shop like ours. We have very experienced techs that have worked on a wide range of different types of vehicles and are very knowledgeable on what they are doing.Q60, Infinity, HRE, Wheels, Red Sport, Carbon Fiber

If you are the owner of a Q60 Red Sport, or any car, make sure to check us out for all your parts needs. We have tons of parts for a wide variety of cars on our website at  We also have our Mod Experts who can help with any questions you may have, they can be contacted by email at or by phone at (714)582-3330. Elliott was the Mod Expert that was able to make, if you want to get in contact with him you can at Our Mod Experts are always there to help you in anyway that they can with your car.


(2) 20×10 et.30
(2) 20×11 et.50
(2) 265/30R20
(2) 295/30R20
ARK Cat-Back Performance Exhaust
AMS Heat Exchanger
AMS Test Pipes
EMM Tunning Red Carbon Exterior Trim
Revel Touring Sport Coilovers