BMW 428i side shot with m-sport bumpers on niche m-129 wheelsIn the era where wide body kits, wheels, and wraps reign supreme we often forget to take a step back and enjoy a clean and simple build that is more practical for the everyday driver. A perfect example of this would be Hyun’s 2014 BMW 428i x-drive. His car started out as your typical 428i that you can find at your local BMW dealership lined up with others just like it, but who wants to be ordinary?

BMW 428i with m-sport front bumper and niche m-129 wheelsThis BMW shows us that you can stand out from the crowd pretty easily without sacrificing the usability of your daily driver. Wheels arguably can either make or break a car, they give a unique look to the car while adding class and style. Tires are also important as well, not so much for looks but rather for how your car feels and handles on the road. That is why the first thing you might have noticed was the stunning set of Niche Targa M-129 finished in a nice Anthracite gray. He paired the wheels with General GMAX as-05 all season tires since he lives in New York and the weather can be quite unpredictable. Also around the exterior Hyun ditched the stock 428i front and rear bumpers for the M-Sport front and M-Sport rear which add a tasteful and aggressive look over the factory. On the front you’ll find the no holes license plate frame, the benefit of this is when you live in a place such as New York where a front plate is mandatory and strictly enforced, you can run the front plate without having to drill into your nice bumper.  Also on the front is a Mtech Performance Style Lip which gives that extra flair to the front bumper to help make it stand out. On the rear he decided to go a step further and add a carbon fiber diffuser not just to improve the style but also a little more performance to the car in the form of aerodynamics. However it didn’t stop there though.

BMW 428i rear with m-sport bumper quad tip carbon fiber diffuser and quad tip exhaustWhy stop at just looking different than everyone when you can sound different too? Hyun achieved this by installing an AWE Cat-Back exhaust, which adds not only a nice tone to the car but also a bit of extra power that helps wake up his 428i, the new exhaust also takes the look of the exhaust from a boring single side exit to an aggressive and exotic dual sided quad tip setup. On top of that for even more performance goodies he installed Evolution Racewerks charge pipes and a Wagner Tuning Intercooler. These work together to help improve the airflow, breathability, efficiency, and acceleration of your vehicle, but can help with reliability as they keep engine temperatures lower so it doesn’t have to work as hard and allows for it to preform at its best for longer.

Modifying cars can seem intimidating but it’s well worth it. The amount of attention and compliments for doing something that seems so simple will for sure put a genuine smile on your face, and who knows you may find someone with common interest as yourself. So if you’ve ever been interested in modifying your car but don’t know where to start check out our website, give us a call at (714)582-3330.   Here at Mod Bargains we have our Mod Experts, such as Sean who helped Hyun in building his car ( or call (714)582-3330 ext. 8009). Our Mod Experts are very knowledgeable in their field and can guide you in finding the right parts for your car.

BMW 428i with m-sport front bumper on niche m-129 wheels with wagner intercoolerMods: