Nathan Sanford’s relationship with ModBargains started with a simple chat initiated by our Mod Experts through our website, which Nathan found just by googling “20in CF5s.”

When we first got a hold of Nathan he was new to the modification scene. He admits he had never ordered rims or had even really modded his car before so of course he had a lot of questions, “[Elliott] answered everything and seemed genuinely excited about my wheel color combo, he sent some pics with what the fitment would look like and be was dead on with the size and fitment. Needless to say without his help my ride would not be what it is today,” Nathan said.

Elliott set Nathan up with an aggressive but functional setup of 20×9 in the front and 20×10.5 in the rear Forgestar CF5s in Race Gold. He wrapped those in some mean looking Nitto INVO Tires, 255/45R/20 in the front and 295/35/20 in the rear.


Forgestar CF5 Race Gold 20×9 / 20×10.5 / Nitto Invo Tires 255/45-20 / 295/35-20 

ModBargains is more known for working with European cars, BMW, Audi, VW etc. However, in the last few years ModBargains began a love affair with American muscle cars and with results like this who can blame us! Many of our own Modification Experts have left their sophisticated Euros for the more brass and loud muscle cars.


Forgestar CF5 Race Gold 20×9 / 20×10.5 / Nitto Invo Tires 255/45-20 / 295/35-20 

Domestics have come a long way from their boxy speed before looks style from the 90’s and early 00’ and are hitting the ground running with more refined body styles without losing the tire screeching power that we all expect them to have.


Forgestar CF5 Race Gold 20×9 / 20×10.5 / Nitto Invo Tires 255/45-20 / 295/35-20 

After taking the first step into the modification world with these rims, Nathan has now obtained the itch and has started the never ending journey of modifying his car into perfection. Nathan’s mods so far include his wheel and tire combo, window tint, Eibach lower control arms, and a Bama Race Tune. With future plans for upper control arms, Eibach Springs, a Front Splitter and eventually a Roush Supercharger.  “Right now it’s my daily driver but I take it to shows and I drag race it,” said Nathan, “I bought it to drive not to sit on a trailer. Stock I ran an 8.55 in the 1/8th. Now with my limited mods I can run an 8.1 easy and drive it home after.”

As you can see all it takes is casual chat with one of our Modification Experts and the next thing you know you have gone past the point of no return into the all-encompassing all-powerful, wonderful world of modifying cars.