Whenever a purple F82 is mentioned, Purple Reign often immediately follows. Owner Vince, known as @GotChuckz on instagram (an ode to his love for shoes), has built one of the most unique and recognizable M4’s in the game. Whether it’s the stunning BMW Individual Daytona Violet paint, aggressively deep wheel fitment, full Revozport carbon fiber kit, or the airlift suspension planting to the ground, Purple Reign collects broken necks wherever it goes. We’re fortunate enough that Vince is a member of our Mod Bargains family, and have had the pleasure of working with his build.


Before we begin, you might be wondering: what exactly is so different about this M4? Well, take a look at this breakdown:

2017 BMW F82 M4 ZCP DCT
BMW Individual Daytona Violet

Vince’s F82 sits on Forgestar F14 Super deep concave wheels in 20×9.5 et13 and 20×11 et35, secured with an MRG Titanium Stud Conversion kit, and wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires in 265/30/20 and 285/30/20. The wheels are neatly tucked under his fenders thanks to AIRLIFT performance front/rear struts with 3P management.

On the body, you’ll find a full Stage 3 Revozport Performance 2×2 Carbon Fiber Aero Kit. That means we’re looking at:

  • Front lower splitter with side blades
  • Front Splitter intake ducts
  • Front brake cooling intake
  • Brake disc cooling set
  • Front bumper canards
  • Side skirts set (with side blades)
  • Rear diffuser with left and right under spoiler (with side blades), and
  • RZ Performance GT spoiler wing

That’s a lot of carbon! It doesn’t stop there though – Vince’s  M4 sports what seems to be the entire catalog of M-performance parts available for the chassis! You’ll find:

This car also features Bayoptiks vision headlights that give the front end a much more aggressive stare, as well as IND front and rear reflectors, paint matched to Daytona Violet.

In the cabin, Vince’s F82 receives the same M Performance treatment as the outside does, with the following goodies to complement the aggressive exterior:

Finally, after 2 lever pulls, we pop the hood to be greeted by an IND Custom Painted Engine Cover in, of course, Daytona Violet, sitting in front of Evolution Racewerks Polished charge pipe. Making our way towards the front, we see an Eventuri full carbon intake complementing the iconic F8x carbon fiber strut brace. To top it all off, Purple Reign brings more horses to its stable with a Hex stage 1 tune.

Now that you know the car, let’s get to know the owner. On his last visit, we sat down with Vince to get to know him and the vision behind his F82 better.


ModBargains (MB): What got you into modifying cars?
Vince (V): The first installment in The Fast and the Furious franchise circa 2001. Neon underglow made me do it.


MB: What is your favorite mod on the car so far?
V: Air Lift Performance Air Suspension. I like the fact that ride height is easily and quickly adjustable. It allows me to control my stance, while not losing driving functionality.


MB: What is your first priority when modifying a new car? (Looks, performance, or comfort?)
V: Looks all day every day. The exterior is the first thing to grab my attention.


MB: What is the next mod you’re adding?
V: Nothing at the moment even though modding never ends.


MB: Any advice for other f80 m3 & f82/83 m4 owners?
V: Try not to do it all at once. It’s important to come up with a plan first on what goals you have for your car.


MB:What is your experience with dealing with modbargains?
V: Excellent customer service from a friendly and knowledgeable staff. GM Alan Wei is my plug when it comes to mods. I can count on his solid advice and suggestions for my build.

Vince’s modding philosophy is on clear display with Purple Reign. This M4 simply looks great. It captures the attention with its combination of Forgestar F14, Revozport Stage 3 kit, and Airlift 3P while building on BMW’s legendary performance under the hood. Purple Reign has turned into one of the most recognizable F82 builds, and we’re proud to call Vince a member of the ModBargains family.

Throughout all of Purple Reign’s journey, ModBargains GM Alan Wei has been there to offer his help and expertise, and helped take Vince’s M4 to the level it’s at today. If you want to upgrade your build, hit up Alan! He can be reached at (714) 582-3330 ex:8006 or by email at Alan@Modbargains.com. You can also contact any one of our team of highly trained and experienced Mod Experts. Each one has a rich history of car modding and can help with mod suggestions, fitment help, and more! Vince has also trusted ModAuto to handle his installs, no matter how big the job. Get it done right the first time and schedule an appointment today by calling (714) 582-3330.


Since we last saw Vince, he’s added BBS LM-R wheels in 20×9.5 ET23 and 20×11 ET27, all finished in Diamond Black – and we love how clean it looks.  Check it out!