As our regular readers will know we mostly post about cars that come into our shop, but we have a lot of customers that are out-of-state and we want to give them their fair share of the spotlight. Our customer Adrien L. lives in Colorado and has an absolutely gorgeous Fashion Grey wrapped F80 M3 that he was kind enough to provide us with pictures of.

Now, Adrien has bought a fair amount of parts directly from us, but we know people don’t just buy parts here (for some reason). We reached out to get a list of all Adrien’s mods and received a small novel in return. If you’re any enthusiast, no matter your style, can respect all the parts and work that has gone into making this car what it is today.

Starting from the very front we see that Adrien has equipped his M3 with a Revozport Carbon Fiber Splitter Kit (a full Carbon Fiber version of the BMW M-Performance Front Lip and Splitters) to give the front end a lower and sleeker look. Moving up the front and along the sides he’s fitted the matching Gloss Black Kidney Grilles and Gloss Black Fender Grilles for a more aggressive aesthetic. Along the side are the PSM Dynamic Side Skirts which create a better line from the front lip along the profile of the car. At the back is an PSM Dynamic Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser which ties the line of the side skirts in nicely with the rear of the car and give a much sportier look to the back. On the trunk is the PSM Dynamic V2 High Kick Spoiler for an added touch of aggression.

One of the most eye-catching parts of this car are obviously the wheels that so beautifully display the big brake kit’s huge rotors. They are Forged 1-Piece Monoblock wheels from the Brixton Forged M51 Duo Series. Sitting nice and wide with 20×9.5 front and 20×11.5 rear and finished in a lovely Satin Black which contrasts nicely with the Fashion Grey on the car. The wheels are held in place by a Wheel stud conversion kit (changes the lug bolts to studs and lug nuts) for easier and quicker removal and installation of the wheels. The suspension Adrien is running is currently Air Lift Performance Struts with an Air Lift 3P Air Management System, which he recently order from us. Adrien said recently in a short review: “I went with air suspension mainly for adjustability to save my new lip but damn it looks so good aired out, and is a bit more soft than my KW V3 coilovers.” For tires he went with Michelin Pilot Super Sports in 265/30-20 front and 295/30-20 in the rear to show that this car isn’t all about looks, it can corner with the best of them.

Looking a bit closer at the more subtle aspects of the car you can see a couple mods that aren’t immediately apparent (unless of course you know these cars well). The headlights with their unique hexagonal angel eyes are actually made by OSS Designs and look absolutely stunning on this M3. In the back Adrien has fitted the updated LCI tail lights from the newer 3-Series models to keep the car looking fresh. To top off the sleek look of the car the back has been debadged and the windows are tinted to 25%.

This impressive amount of exterior modding does not mean that Adrien has neglected the interior. Inside (which we unfortunately don’t have pictures of) he has fitted a Dinmann Carbon Fiber/Leather Steering Wheel, a Carbon Fiber DCT Shifter, and one of our new ModBargains Red Start/Stop Buttons.

Now, this is a BMW M3, we can’t just spend the whole time talking about how good it looks. In addition to the Pilot Super Sport tires that Adrien has on the vehicle, he also has a few choice power mods installed to make sure it has the performance to match its looks. Up front he has the Burger Motorsport Performance Intake installed for added power and improved turbo spool. At the back we see the BMW M Performance exhaust with some sexy Carbon Fiber exhaust tips. To increase flow Adrien went with some Evolution Raceworks Stainless Steel Downpipes and he added the Burger Motorsports Can-Flap exhaust valve controller so he can go into stealth mode if need be. To get the most out of these performance parts he tuned the car with a BPM Sport DME stage 2 tune so this car is all show and all go.

Huge shout out to Adrien L. for providing the pictures and letting us feature his car here. If you want to see the journey Adrien’s M3 has gone through to get to this point, or would like to see more photos as the car continues to develop, be sure to follow him on Instagram @coloradom3. Photographs taken by @b_stouffs and @lowxjosh, follow them if you want to see more great pictures of awesome cars. If you are looking to mod your own car be sure to hit up our General Manager Alan, who helped Adrien with all the parts he has purchased from us. He can be reached at or by phone at (714)-582-3330 x8006.