The E92 M3 is the favorite of many. The V8 sound that it expels is unlike any other.  The feeling you get from this car is unique compared to all the other M cars. The power of a raw V8 will never fail to put a smile on someones face. Trevor’s M3 is no exception. There is a good amount done to the car to help make it stand out from the other e92’s in the area, such as the fact that it’s bagged and wrapped orange.E92 M3, Rear end, Carbon Fiber, Forgestar, Bagged, Borla exhaust

Most noticeably the car is wrapped bright orange, the car was originally grey but Trevor wanted it to stand out more. The orange actually looks really good on the M3, it helps bring out the lines of the car and make it more unique. He also has a set of  Forgestar F14 Super Deep Concave’s installed all around which look extremely good on the car, which are then paired with a set of Hankook Ventus V12’s to improve grip overall. It is also rocking the carbon fiber M3 front splitters which give the front bumper a more aggressive look. My favorite part of the car is the air suspension, which was done by Air Lift. When it is completely aired out the rear tires tuck all the way into the wheel well. For a sweet exhaust note Trevor has the Borla S Type Axel Back Exhaust installed which gives the car a deep and rich sound. In the back the M3 has a CSL Carbon Fiber Trunk which not only helps make the car lighter but it also makes the rear end a little more aggressive and different from other E92 M3’s.E92 M3, front end, Carbon Fiber, Forgestar, Bagged, Borla exhaust

Trevor wanted to keep this car as simple as possible. He doesn’t want to go all out on things such as diffusers and super aggressive splitters. He wants people to enjoy the car for what it was made to be and I don’t blame him. The e92 M3 body is a unique and beautiful one, so showing off the stock body of the only makes sense. The E92 M3 is a car that will forever be in the hearts of BMW enthusiasts.E92 M3, Rear end, Carbon Fiber, Forgestar, Bagged, Borla exhaust

Trevor’s M3 is one that will always be recognizable due to the bright orange wrap and elegant modding. The fact that Trevor has kept the stock body without adding a ton of exterior parts keeps the car true to what BMW envisioned. Also the raw sound of the V8 will never ever get old. If you’re in the market for parts for your E92 M3 check out our huge catalog of E92 M3 parts. If you’re not sure where to start you should definitely contact one of our Mod Experts. Our Mod Expert Kevin is the one who helped Trevor build his M3 and he can be reached at or by phone at (714) 582-3330 x8003. All of our Mod Experts are very knowledgeable and eager to help with anything you need. To reach our general mailbox please contact, or give us a call at (714)582-3330.