A few weeks back, John brought in his white Fiesta ST to give his EcoBoost 1.6 a bit more growl by installing a new Cat-Back Exhaust for Fiesta STSr Mod Expert Alan Wei helped John out with setting up this install.

John grew up racing go karts as a kid, so it was only natural that he’d choose a Fiesta ST as a daily driver, considering how hilariously fun and zippy the Fiesta ST is. These plucky ecoboosted egg-shaped hot hatches have proven to punch well above their weight, winning fans among seasoned auto journalists and enthusiasts alike. Considering it’s been ranked one of the Top 10 Driver’s Cars two years running now, it’s no wonder we see so many Fiesta ST’s in the shop these days.

John had owned a WRX before the Fiesta ST, but still wanted some of that same “Rally Car” feel and burble, which is why he finally opted for an Injen Cat-Back Exhaust for Fiesta ST – part no SES9016, which compliments the Rally theme the car has going. It makes sense, the car dominates the RedBull Global Rallycross and does extremely well as a turn-key FWD 2WD rally car, so a sound that fit that heritage made perfect sense.


Here’s Injen’s Mandrel-Bent Cat-Back Exhaust for the Fiesta ST. It’s worth noting that though Injen made their name with JDM brands, they’re based right here in Southern California and I can tell you for fact this system was bent, fabbed and tested just a few minutes down the 57 freeway from here.


It’s worth saying that a cat-back exhaust on the Fiesta ST isn’t going to make a ton of power, Injen‘s dyno testing yielded a peak gain of about 4hp and 7lb/ft of torque at the wheels on a stock car, so your main benefits are the look, sound and weight reduction of this system on a mostly-stock ST.


Ford_Fiesta_ST_Injen_Catback_RokBlokz_StoNSho-14We also noticed John’s taken the clever approach to having a front plate on his Fiesta ST. We noted the absence of holes drilled in the face of the front bumper, and instead there’s a Sto-N-Sho License Plate Holder for Fiesta ST mounted under there. It’s a small detail but worth pointing out and allows him to display the license plate or put it away at will.
Ford_Fiesta_ST_Injen_Catback_RokBlokz_StoNSho-5 One thing we did want to mention here is that we added Cobb Exhaust Hangars for Fiesta ST – whatever brand exhaust you choose, don’t reuse the OEM hangars unless you’re OK with your exhaust dancing around like an Leprechaun doing a jig or something. It moves a LOT. Speaking from personal experience, before we upgraded our hangars, people following the car remarked how much the exhaust moved around, so it’s worth spending the extra few bucks to keep unwanted movement out of your exhaust system.

All of those Rallycars have a single-tip exhaust, and nearly every other exhaust offering on the market is a dual tip, so the Injen exhaust for Fiesta ST is a unique choice.


Ford_Fiesta_ST_Injen_Catback_RokBlokz_StoNSho-6 Here’s the undercarriage view of the Injen Exhaust installed. Since this a flanged, bolt-together system, it’s incredibly easy to install. The hardest part is cutting through the factory exhaust to remove it (which you have to do for any exhaust unless you are OK dropping the axle to get the exhaust out).

Ford_Fiesta_ST_Injen_Catback_RokBlokz_StoNSho-12 The Injen Exhaust for Fiesta ST uses a resonator up front and a high flow silencer at the rear.Ford_Fiesta_ST_Injen_Catback_RokBlokz_StoNSho-9 John opted for the “unfinished” version of the Injen Exhaust, which fits the Rallycar aesthetic PERFECTLY.
Ford_Fiesta_ST_Injen_Catback_RokBlokz_StoNSho-16Check out the look with the car back on the ground.
Ford_Fiesta_ST_Injen_Catback_RokBlokz_StoNSho-19The single large tip is aggressive, yet fits the look of the car.
Ford_Fiesta_ST_Injen_Catback_RokBlokz_StoNSho-21 Here’s a closeup.Ford_Fiesta_ST_Injen_Catback_RokBlokz_StoNSho-23

Wondering how it sounds? Have a listen to another Fiesta ST we fitted with the Injen Exhaust for Fiesta ST.

John describes the sound as “rally car like”, offering a slightly deeper tone than say, the Cobb exhaust on our Project Fiesta ST and gives the car a great burble, just enough without going too far overboard, but definitely a system that will put a smile on your face.

Ford_Fiesta_ST_Injen_Catback_RokBlokz_StoNSho-25 Out in the sun, the setup looks just as good.Ford_Fiesta_ST_Injen_Catback_RokBlokz_StoNSho-26 John loves the look and sound of the new exhaust for his Fiesta, and so do we, it’s a great fit for the theme he’s got going and sounds great to our ears.Ford_Fiesta_ST_Injen_Catback_RokBlokz_StoNSho-27 So that just leaves the question of how he liked the service of Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei and our install services at ModAuto.

“The guys did a wonderful job with the exhaust and have gotten a customer for the life of this car and any other sports cars I own, and always recommend ModAuto when friends need work on their sports cars.”Ford_Fiesta_ST_Injen_Catback_RokBlokz_StoNSho-29

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson