Once and a while, I get to let someone else do the talking for me – the Customer. By the way we figure it, you’d rather hear what the person who paid for the parts thought of their experience – and today we’ve got one such example for you. A while back we brought in a new Mod Expert to our Team of Mod Experts, Blake – and sirantsE90 on 2addicts worked with Mod Expert Blake to put a set of wheels on a dealer fresh F23 BMW M235i cabrio.

So from here on, here’s sirantsE90’s take in his own words:

First off thank you to Blake @ ModBargins for dialing the specs perfectly on the Avant Garde M310‘s.


My dad took delivery (of an F23 BMW M235i) a few weeks back and we immediately started buying what was available for the car.


BMW Performance Front Splitters for F22
BMW Performance Rocker Vinyl for F22
BMW Performance Gloss Black Kidney Grills for F22
BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps for F22
BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Trunk Lip for F22

BMW_F22_M235i_Vert_Avant_Garde_M310_18x8et35_18x9et38-4 BMW_F22_M235i_Vert_Avant_Garde_M310_18x8et35_18x9et38-6


Avant Garde M310s
18×8 Et35 Front w/ 225/40 Hankook Evo2s
18×9 Et38 Rear w/ 255/35 Hankook Evo2s

Next is lowering springs from whoever has them first (Most likely H&R) and a muffler delete with 4in double walled polished tips.

Sorry just iPhone shot for now. A Proper shoot and video will come once the springs and exhaust are done.

We’d have to say that he’s already off to a great start with this M235i.

Interested in modding your F22 2-Series? Give  the Mod Experts like Blake a call – 714-582-3330 (x8011 for Blake)

Thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you next time!

Story by Nick Gregson