Recently F80 Bimmerpost member Kief reached out to Senior Modification Expert Elliott Goodman for a set of winter wheels and tires for F82 that would be a great compliment to his brand new F82 BMW M4. Ryan K, who goes by Kief lives where that nasty white stuff gets all over the ground every winter, so with a beastly RWD monster like the M4, getting snow tires wasn’t a choice, it was a necessity. Fortunately, your winter wheel setup doesn’t have to be ugly – or terribly expensive. Elliott recommended a set of VMR V710 Wheels for BMW, suggesting a fitment of VMR V710 Gunmetal 19×9.5 et22 square, wrapped with 255/35/19 Pirelli Winter SottoZero Serie II to ensure that this Alpine White 4-series stays surefooted all winter long.
Usually, we’re the third party here, relaying the experience of someone else through photos, but for once, you’ve got the story straight from the horses’ mouth. Here’s what Ryan had to say about his experience, and what he thought of the wheels.

“A big thanks to Mitch@VMR and Elliott@ Mod Bargains for their help with my many questions and their recommendations. I was so indecisive with this winter setup, as I originally thought I was just going to park my M4, but I couldn’t stand the thought of not being able to drive it for several months.”

“I typically get my winter setups from TireRack, but I wasn’t really feeling any of their wheel options and conservative offsets. I also didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for this setup, so I knew my options were limited. I eventually chose the VMR V710s b/c I have always liked the wheel, especially the deep concavity.” Ryan went on.

vmr-v710-gunmetal-19x95et22-255-35-19-on-f82-bmw-m4-alpine-white-004 vmr-v710-gunmetal-19x95et22-255-35-19-on-f82-bmw-m4-alpine-white-005

“And although they (VMR V710s) are relatively heavy, cast, Taiwanese wheels (really no different than what I have purchased from TireRack in the past), I do like knowing they are TUV certified in addition to JWL and VIA. Plus, I got a great CyberMonday deal, so I thought I would give them a try. The gunmetal finish is quite impressive for an inexpensive wheel, as is the mold. Mod Bargains did a nice job mounting the tires without any nicks and so far so good no vibration or clearance issues. I can’t wait to try the tires in some light snow, but mostly these wheels will see cold, dry conditions as I will just use my wife’s F15 (X5) during really bad weather.

I know it’s just a winter setup, but here are a bunch of pics to maybe help others on the fence with deciding on a winter wheel/tire setup.”

vmr-v710-gunmetal-19x95et22-255-35-19-on-f82-bmw-m4-alpine-white-006 vmr-v710-gunmetal-19x95et22-255-35-19-on-f82-bmw-m4-alpine-white-007 vmr-v710-gunmetal-19x95et22-255-35-19-on-f82-bmw-m4-alpine-white-008 vmr-v710-gunmetal-19x95et22-255-35-19-on-f82-bmw-m4-alpine-white-009 vmr-v710-gunmetal-19x95et22-255-35-19-on-f82-bmw-m4-alpine-white-010 vmr-v710-gunmetal-19x95et22-255-35-19-on-f82-bmw-m4-alpine-white-011

The VMR Wheels V710s look killer on the M4, it’s hardly what we’d call a detriment, and as winter wheel setups go, these are pretty handsome. We also think it’s badass that Ryan has chosen not to park the M4 for the winter, and has fitted the car properly to enjoy driving precision even in the traction-challenged conditions that snow and melting snow and ice present. One thing’s for sure, this Alpine White M4 is ready for the polar vortex.

So, winter’s not coming anymore – winter is here. Want to enjoy your car this winter? We’ve got a wide selection of all season and snow tires to help keep you shiny side up this snow season.

If you’re interested in a set of VMR V710 Wheels for your ride or any other modification, talk to our Modification Experts like Elliott (x8009) by calling us at 714-582-3330 or chat with us at Be sure to check out our selection of wheels for the BMW F82 M4!

Story by Nicholas Gregson in Collaboration with Senior Modification Expert Elliott Goodman
Photos Courtesy Kief (Ryan K)