We at ModBargains have been focusing a lot of our time on the topic of “Customer Loyalty”. It seems like an easy concept to master, but in reality, there’s no “formula” to follow for great service – every day brings many challenges that we have to face as we provide all of our customers with outstanding service. Most of the time, everything goes right, the customer gets their product and are happy with it. Sometimes, however, problems occur that need to be fixed right away. It’s not the perfect orders without problems that create loyalty with customers. Many times, it is how a problem or issue is handled after things have gone wrong that makes a customer say, “WOW, what a great company!”


Take this example: Recently we had an order for a set of Forgestar wheels that didn’t go so smoothly. To those that are not aware, Forgestar wheels are custom made to order. Forgestar is a great company with a very low defect rate. The wheels generally take about 6-8 weeks to produce, but can take longer if problems arise. Generally Forgestar is flawless in their production of the wheels, but when problems do come up we work closely with them to satisfy the customer. This order went smoothly from when it was placed until about the eighth week. The wheels arrived at ModBargains from the powder coater with a few small defects in the finish of the wheel. To some retailers, this would not be an issue- and they would send the blemished wheels to the customer without a second thought. Not ModBargains!
Alyssa Terpstra, one of our Customer Loyalty Representatives, sprang into action. She knew that the customer would be upset and let down, as he had already waited eight weeks for the wheel to be completed. This didn’t stop her from contacting the customer and apologizing about the wheels. Alyssa took pictures and immediately emailed the customer to resolve the problem. She explained that the blemishes were minor and explained the options for solving the problem. The customer had the option to have the wheels refinished, which would extend the time before he received his wheels, or if he was ok with the blemishes, we would send the wheels to him immediately, and at a discount.
The customer decided to have the wheels refinished and wait the additional time. Even though the customer was let down that he would have to wait longer to receive his wheels, he understood that although this was not a problem caused by ModBargains and that we were there to help him and make his order right.
Alyssa contacted the customer right away about the blemished wheels, she set new expectations of when the wheels will be completed, and she apologized for the delay. This is a classic example of taking ownership of a problem and making sure that the customer is taken care of. It’s not about who created the problem, or who is to blame, it’s about making the customer our number one priority and creating a positive experience. That’s what we at ModBargains strive for everyday and how we ensure that your experience with us is always a positive one.