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Lowering your car can have a huge impact on the look and performance of your car – see for yourself in the before/after above.

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A while back, regular customer Crom Abu stopped by to get his Focus ST Suspenision lowered on a set of ST Suspension Coilovers for Focus ST.

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Rocking an Injen Exhaust for Focus ST, the burnt titanium look tips of the exhaust system are a great accent to the Focus ST’s tuxedo black finish.

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Here’s a closer look at those burnt titanium exhaust tips.Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (1)Let’s take a closer look at the system in the next few photos.Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (2)Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (3)


Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (24)Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (25)Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (26)Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (27)


Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (4) The ST Suspension coilovers drops the car within a range of .9in to 1.6in and .8in to 1.4in lower than stock front and rear, respectively.
Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (6) As we said in our guide to the Best Mods for Focus ST, lowering your Focus ST eliminates that disgusting wheelgap that makes people want to puke when they see the car at stock ride height, allowing your car to look the way the designers intended, without the insane wheelgap of a four wheel drive vehicle.
Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (9) Check out the side profile and how much better than stock that looks. Beyond the fact that stock ride height looks like complete trash, a set of performance coilovers significantly enhances ride quality and handling by replacing the stock shocks (which by the way, are trash anyways if you’re past 50k miles) and the lowered center of gravity.Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (10) With superior dampers, many cars can even ride better than stock, such as the Fiesta ST, which we recapped in our review of ST XTA Coilovers for Fiesta ST a while back.Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (11) Check out how good it looks in the gratuitous photos below.Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (12) Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (13)
Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (17)

From this angle the car looks especially sharp.

Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (18) Up front, the stock intercooler has been replaced with a larger aftermarket unit, dropping air charge temperatures for greater power.Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (19)

We think this is a Cobb Intercooler for Focus ST but aren’t sure.

Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (22) Ford_Focus_ST_2015_Injen_ST_Coilovers (23)Thanks to Crom for letting us share his ride with you, and we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson