We have all been there: sitting in front of your computer, or on your phone, looking up modifications for your car. You aren’t sure what to buy, what’s good or what is not, and worst of all, will it work?

That’s where Modbargains.com, and our Modification Experts come in. Each expert is just that, an expert in their own respective field. With each and every interaction, they share their expertise, experience, and enthusiasm for modding cars.

Whether it be wheel fitments, exterior mods, lighting, or even suspension setups, the Modification Experts are here to help. And to help you have better access to the information you need, Modbargains.com has set up a Google+ Community just for you.

This community, the Modified BMWs Community, is the place for you to ask questions, interact and chat with Modification Experts, share your pictures, and even make new connections with other BMW enthusiasts (if you don’t have a BMW, don’t worry, keep reading).

We will be constantly updating it with new information on events, parts, and commonly asked questions about modding your car. It’s all about helping YOU to modify your car the way you want to, and creating a great experience along the way.

Don’t have a BMW? We still have you covered. Our Modification Experts are experienced with all types of cars, so whether you have a Scion, Ford, or Audi, there’s a community for you.

So find your community below, and get access to everything you need to modify your car. Don’t see your make? We are setting up more communities every day to make sure no one gets left out. Hope to see you there!

Modified BMWs Community
Modified Scions Community 
Modified Audis Communty
Modified Mustang Community
Modified Nissans Community

If you aren’t sure how to set up your Google+ profile, check out this step-by-step guide, and come say hi!