When I co-founded ModBargains nearly a decade ago, the last thing on my mind was how to answer questions like the ones I’m so frequently asked below.  I started the company because I began modifying my 2000 BMW 323Ci, and as a result of that experience, I became extremely passionate about helping other people make good choices when modifying their cars as well.  Today, I get all different types of questions, but these are what I’m asked most often, whether I am meeting new friends, at a business networking event, or just about anywhere.


What is ModBargains?
We are a retailer, installer and stocking warehouse distributor for wheels, tires, exhausts, suspension, lighting, brakes, performance parts, and other accessories! We stock inventory in 13,000 sq ft of warehouse space, and we install parts Monday – Saturday. We employ 25 car enthusiasts that work in sales, customer service, accounting, web design, shipping, and installations. We do business with clients worldwide and have a storefront with products on display here in southern California.


So are you like those ‘Pimped Out’ Ride TV Shows?
Not quite… while they are in the same industry as us, absolutely, we are not dealing with over the top car builds like those that make for good TV everyday.  While we do heavily involved performance installations, our customers are people who drive their cars on a daily basis.  They can’t drive something flashy and impractical on the streets every day.  However, they want their vehicle to be unique, to look and perform better than all the other people that drive their same make & model. They want to enjoy their car. So they change their wheels.  They lower the car.  They upgrade the exhaust to make the car sound better. They replace the headlights and tail lights to make the car look newer and more luxurious.  They add performance parts – bigger intercoolers, remapping the engine control computer and more- to make their car faster.  They add exterior accents to the car to tailor its appearance to their tastes.  While you won’t find us installing fish tanks or flame throwing exhausts on cars, we are here making vehicles better & more unique.
What makes your company unique?  Why do people buy from you?
The main reason our customers choose to buy from ModBargains is because of our expert staff of auto enthusiasts – our Modification Experts.  Like sommoliers at a Wine store, our experts help you choose from a wide variety of parts from different manufacturers to pair you up with the parts that best suit your aesthetic and performance goals and driving style. We are car enthusiasts ourselves and have extensive experience modifying our own vehicles as well as completing over 100,000 orders for customers.  The second reason people choose us is because we keep a large amount of inventory on hand.  We try to keep inventory in stock so that our customers can get it right away, rather than waiting several weeks (which is quite commonplace in our industry).  The third reason people choose us is because of our relationships with our suppliers.  Over nearly a decade, we have become close partners and friends with many of the brands that we offer & install.  These close relationships allow us to provide a great customer experience for our end users and provide them with unique opportunities through the brands that we offer as well as offer the manufacturers feedback as to what vehicles need more aftermarket support.
What is your company’s purpose?
Our purpose is to share our Expertise, Experience, and Enthusiasm in an effort to make the world a better place for Automotive Enthusiasts.  


That sounds real nice… but what does that mean??
What that means in the real world is that every day, we come to work with energy and are trying to help our fellow car enthusiasts to have a good day and be happy with their vehicles.  We all know that feeling as car enthusiasts, walking out to the parking lot and falling in love with your car all over again because it just look so good sitting there, waiting to be driven.  If our efforts and enthusiasm to modify cars in some way makes people happier, and that leads to them having better relationships with their loved ones because they love their car- then we have succeeded in our purpose.  


We accomplish this goal by stocking inventory and by hiring the best and most experienced people to interact directly with our customers and give them expert advice, and by working closely with manufacturers to guide them towards making new products for vehicles.
Mike Brown  Co-Founder & CEO ModBargains

Mike Brown Co-Founder & CEO ModBargains