With its E90 M3 Style Front Bumper paired with a V-Style Carbon Fiber front lip, from the moment you catch a glimpse of this front end, you know Cole Durden’s 2009 BMW 335i LCI means business. Cole has been working with Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei for quite some time to transform this E90 LCI into the menacing monster you see today. The CX Racing Front Mount Intercooler for 335i gives you just a hint of the performance lurking underneath that hood and the red RPI Intake Scoops for BMW E90 ensure that the intake is seeing a consistent flow of fresh incoming air – tests have shown that contrary to popular theory on forums and such that “they don’t do anything”, in fact, at speeds over 60mph there is a major difference in intake airflow and cooler air charge. A cooler air charge means that much more power. The Blacked Out OSS style Headlights with Umnitza Orion V4 Angel Eyes for BMW further lend to the aggressive aesthetic.


Cole Durden’s E90 BMW 335i sits low, thanks to a set of KW Suspension V1 Coilovers for BMW E90, which allow Cole to tuck the Gloss Black 19in Forgestar F14 Super Deep Concave wheels for E90 on all four corners just the right amount. With some guidance from Mod Expert Alan, Cole has the wheels spec’d at 19×9.5 ET22 / 19×10 ET28 – again, in Super Deep Concave.


In order to achieve Super Deep Concavity on both the front and rear on a 335i, Cole has had to put in quite a bit of work – the fenders are not just rolled but also pulled, and NO, it is IMPOSSIBLE to run super deep concaves on a 335i WITHOUT doing this. There is simply no way around it, if you are not willing to put in the work, you cannot pull off this kind of fitment, end of story. Because Cole’s put in the work, he’s able to achieve this incredible fitment.


Power comes courtesy of a few BMS Upgrades, including a Burger Motorsports JB4 to bring up the power delivered by the ECU’s programming, complimented by BMS Dual Cone Intakes and the CX Racing Front Mount Intercooler we mentioned earlier. A pair of VRSF Catless Downpipes for BMW 335i feed into the Vanguard V2 Cat-Back Exhaust for BMW E90 335i. Sure, that’s enough to break 400whp, but why stop there? Hell naw, Cole went the big power route and currently has a set of Vargas Turbo Stage 1 Turbos being built for the car as we write this piece, meaning power will be well north of 400whp when all’s said and done. M3’s better think twice before messing with this 335i.

bmw-e90-335i-m3-bumper-forgestar-f14-sdc-glossbk-19x95et22-19x10et28-kwV1coil-img007Out back, this E90 sports an MTech/Msport Style E90 Rear Bumper and BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Spoiler for E90, and you can make out those E90 Vanguard Exhaust Tips peeking out from beneath the bumper.

All together, Cole’s put together one impressive package in his 335i, and he’s not shy about who helped him build it, either.

“My experience with ModBargains has been exceptional, Hands down best company I have ever had the pleasure of doing my business with. I have owned two BMW’s previous to my E90, I had two E46’S in the past that ModBargains helped me fully build – and the first one was a very intensive build. I always find fair prices at ModBargains and a wide variety of available parts compared to other companies that are in the BMW aftermarket world.

(Sr Mod Expert) Alan especially has been the one I choose to do my research and sales orders with at mod bargains. He is extremely helpful and doesn’t ever try to pull a fast one on me. He gives me time to decide and make the clear decision for what would be the best fit for my car & needs. He always responds to me emails within a few hours and has every detail I need included in those emails. Alan is an all around fair, honest guy who has a passion for helping others looking to build their rides in the best quality way! Alan helped me with the ordering of my forgets wheels and he made it a very enjoyable and exciting process.”



“With my E90,I have chosen to try and pursue the best of both worlds. I’ve always loved the stance look and wanted some of that, but i also like having a functional car that I can go tear up some backroads with. This car has satisfied me with just that, the wide forgestar wheels give it that perfect stance, yet my car is still functional on the KW coilovers and i don’t have to worry about chewing up fenders and tires. I also love the performance aspect of the n54, coming from a 2004 325i, it was a tremendous upgrade in power and i cannot wait to keep building the car more in the future. All in all, I have loved building my 335i with Alan & ModBargains by my side!!”

We’ve enjoyed seeing this 335i evolve into the car it is today and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it. Thanks for joining us once again.

For those interested, here’s the full Mod List:


M3 Replica front bumper

VRS Style carbon fiber front lip

Mtech/Msport Rear bumper

BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler

-Blacked out Headlights (OSS Design style) With Umnitza Orion V4 angel eyes

-Tinted windows 5% rears, %20% fronts

-Car is already LCI so it has LCI hood LCI trunk LCI taillight LCI headlights & LCI mirrors)



-Carbon fiber interior trim

-Valentine V1 radar



-Forgestar F14 SDC Wheels in Gloss Black

-Fronts: 19×9.5 et22

-Rears: 19×10 et28


KWV1 Coilovers

Interested in Modding your BMW or want to make your N54 fast enough to take Cole on? Talk to the Mod Experts like Alan – call us at 714-582-3330 (x8006 for Alan), email or chat live on .

Story by Nicholas Gregson
Photos Courtesy Cole Durden