Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-1 Yesterday morning Bebs G rolled up to the shop at Mod Auto as I was having my morning coffee with a factory fresh 2015 Ford Focus ST. Having seen what we’ve been doing with the Ford Focus ST & Fiesta ST/EcoBoost community lately, he knew we were the people to talk to about beefing up the power of his Focus ST.

Having worked on a 2013 Focus ST as I shot Cobb Tuning‘s installation videos for the ST‘s, I knew exactly what mods to set him up with to perk up the car without going overboard or taking away from its drivability. Since we’re a COBB stocking distributor, we just happened to have everything we needed in stock and on hand. I introduced Bebs to Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei, who put together the order and coordinated the install. While we were busy right that minute, it just happened that we had an opening at the ModAuto install shop that afternoon, so Bebs made the appointment and cruised back just after lunch for the install.Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-2 First order of business was a Cobb Tuning AccessPORT V3 for Ford Focus ST, which boosts power from 252hp to about 277hp and torque jumps from 270ft/lb to 318ft/lb – these are CRANK figures btw. That significantly livens up the driving experience, adding a number of new features and functions to the car as well as a higher redline.
To compliment the AccessPORT’s added power is a COBB Rear Motor Mount for Focus ST. If you don’t know why you need one, check out the video below or check out our TECH blog piece about why the Fiesta ST & Focus ST need upgraded “Rear Motor Mounts”.

Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-3To add even more to the fun factor, the Cobb Intake for the Focus ST features an open top style air filter which not only adds a dramatic increase in air filter surface area, but also provides a new intake inlet point and lets you hear more turbo noise and a bit of that  “BOV” sound most people want without a lot of hassle.
Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-5 Here’s the RMM installed. It dramatically cuts down on unwanted engine movement, resulting in a much more composed ride.
Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-7 Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-8Techs Juan and Bryan finish up the install.

Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-21 Here’s the COBB intake for Focus ST installed and at home under the hood.Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-11 Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-20
The nice thing about the COBB intake for Focus ST is that it’s CARB approved. This is also one of the first 2015 Focus ST’s to be fitted with a COBB intake.
Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-16 Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-17 After installing the hard parts, we had to install the AccessPORT, which took us just a few minutes.Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-18
After the install, we took a few moments to capture the changes in the 2015 Focus ST that differentiate it from the 2013-14 models that preceded it.

Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-23 Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-24 Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-25
Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-31 Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-32 After all the installs were completed that afternoon, Bebs and I went for a short test drive and even taking it easy, the difference in the car was immediately apparent and the ear to ear grin was all the proof I needed he was happy with the beefed up performance of his ST. Bebs tells us he has a lot more planned for the future, and we can expect to see him again.Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-35 Focus_ST_15_Cobb_Intake_AP_RMM_-39

Interested in modding your Ford? Check out our guide to Modding your Focus ST, and talk to the Mod Experts like Alan Wei, give us a call at 714-582-3330 (x8006 for Alan), chat live at or just stop by the ModAuto showroom like Bebs did any day during business hours.

Thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you next time!

Story & Photos Nick Gregson