It’s totally disgusting to walk around with a big nasty blemish on your face – and your BMW F22 2-series has some blemishes alright. Two big, fat, festering amber zits on each cheek – we’re talking about those gross amber factory reflectors on the front end of literally every USA spec BMW.

icky reflectors f22

Gosh, just look at that mess. Like a big old amber zit with a giant nasty whitehead. It’s nauseating.

See, over in Europe they’re not mandated to have these eyesores on their cars, but over here in the USA, we’re saddled with this ickiness. Fixing this flaw in your BMW F22 Exterior is easy, and you don’t need to go have them filled in at a body shop to fix the problem.

BMW_F22_228i_Msport_Painted_Reflectors-7Here’s the solution – a set of painted front reflectors for BMW F22 2-Series. These are genuine BMW reflectors- so they fit perfect – except that they’ve been professionally painted in your BMW’s factory paint code, making those ugly yellow eyesores disappear!


Pair these with a set of Gloss Black BMW Performance Kidney Grilles for F22 2-Series, and you’ve got a gorgeous clean look that’s representative of how a 2-series is SUPPOSED to be.
BMW_F22_228i_Msport_Painted_Reflectors-2These easy cosmetic enhancements make a huge difference in the appearance of your 2-Series, so why would you drive around for a day longer with those glaring amber eyesores?


Simple details like this can have a big overall impact on the cleanliness of your 2-Series’ appearance, so don’t forget the small stuff like the painted reflectors when you get started modding your F22.

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Story & Photos by Nick Gregson