BMW_E87_135i_Cab_Beyern_mesh_18x85et40-18x95et45--2As we said in our Best Mods for E82 1-Series guide, one of the simplest and most effective visual mods you can make to any car is a set of wheels. Since the E82 1-Series has really high offsets, getting the fitment right can be a challenge – and that’s where Sr Mod Expert Elliott comes in. Anthony L, who owns this 135i Cabrio, wanted a set of wheels for BMW 1-Series that would suit the looks of the 1er without looking too “out of place” or breaking the bank. Elliott had just the thing in mind.
BMW_E87_135i_Cab_Beyern_mesh_18x85et40-18x95et45--7Elliott set Anthony’s E87 BMW 135i Cabrio up with a set of Beyern Mesh Type Wheels for BMW, spec’d at 18×8.5 ET40 / 18×9.5 ET45 to get the fitment we were after.
BMW_E87_135i_Cab_Beyern_mesh_18x85et40-18x95et45--10Keeping that N54 power going to the ground is a fresh set of Hankook Tires – a set of staggered Ventus V12 Evo2 in 225/40-18 / 245/35-18 to enhance handling while keeping the ride comfortable for the pothole-scarred streets of Southern California.
BMW_E87_135i_Cab_Beyern_mesh_18x85et40-18x95et45--12Let’s get a closer look at the fitment.

The deep polished lip and the mesh wheels is a look that’s both sporting and classically “BMW”-esque.

BMW_E87_135i_Cab_Beyern_mesh_18x85et40-18x95et45--13From further away the Beyern Wheels look great on the BMW 135i.
BMW_E87_135i_Cab_Beyern_mesh_18x85et40-18x95et45--3From every angle, we have to say that Elliott’s recommendation was the right way to go, and Anthony was pleased with the way his car came out.


Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos!


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Story & Photos: Nick Gregson