One of the things we enjoy most here is when we have a happy customer coming back again and again, so we get to see the evolution of a car from stock to the real-world incarnation of someone’s vision of what they wanted their car to be. When that happens, they’re not just a customer – they’re a ModBargains Champion. Russell Adams has been carefully modifying his Infiniti G37 Vert with guidance from Sr Mod Expert Elliott Goodman for some time, and the package he’s put together is incredibly clean and classy.

We took a few minute to ask Russell for his firsthand opinion on what he thinks of our service here as he’s modded his G37S and why he keeps coming back. Get the story straight from the source in the next few paragraphs below.

  1. You have been a great customer of ModBargains, what has keep you coming back time and time again?

Ans: Several factors – Excellent Customer Service, ModBargains Employees’ product knowledge, willingness to research various applications to ensure proper end product fitment/ installation, precision tracking of merchandise provided by ModBargains,fair pricing, and post-sale consultations (follow-up) initiated by ModBargains.


  1. How helpful and knowledgeable have the modification experts been in modifying your vehicle?

Ans: Sr Mod Expert Elliott Goodman – He has extensive knowledge of various components and accessories for a wide range of vehicles. He has gone, “above and beyond” to provide superior customer service including conducting thorough research into my desired products. Our conversations have resulted in me realizing my “vision” for my Infiniti G37s.


  1. Do you feel comfortable and confident sending friends or family to MB?

 Ans: Extremely comfortable! I have already forwarded ModBargains‘ web-address to several friends who are interested in upgrading/ modifying their vehicles.


  1. How does MB service stack up against other modification shops?

Ans: ModBargains is second to none. My opinion is based solely on their excellent attention to ALL aspects of the modification process. (Starting with outstanding customer service.)

  1. What is your favorite mod you have on your vehicle and what do you like about it?

Ans: The complete ARK Exhaust System for G37 I purchased through ModBargains. The ARK Performance System unleashes and augments the VQ Engines’ melodic exhaust, “Signature” (note), in an adult manner. Because of the unique design of the ARK Systems “Baffles” or “Re-breathers,” one is able to “control” the decibel inputs with the accelerator. My Infiniti now has a more authoritative sound. She’s as quite as I want her to be, then when commanded, she’ll roar like an alpha animal, thus having other cars around bow down and take notice of her. At idle as well as under various stages of acceleration, my Infiniti G37s sounds truly amazing as I engage all six forward gears. Only owners of vehicles with like exhaust notes will appreciate the harmonious sounds emanating from the system.

ModBargains produced a comprehensive, no non-sense practical video demonstration (See YouTube) of the ARK system. It was the best technical video I had seen regarding exhaust modifications.That video and its execution was the final determining factor in my buying decision process.


  1. What would be the first Mod you would recommend doing to someone who has just purchase the same vehicle as you?

Ans: Suspension – The Infiniti G37s is a well balanced vehicle from the factory. As life is NOT a straight line, my suggestion would be to upgrade its suspension first, then work expanding its potential power.



Stillen Under Drive Pulley

Stillen Front & Rear Stabilizers/ Anti-sway bars

Cusco Cross Tower Strut Brace

ARK Grip Exhaust

Vossen VF Series 1 Wheels (20×9.5 Frnt// 20×10.5 Rr)

Eibach Pro-Street Lowering Springs (1.1/4″ Drop – Frnt// 1″ Drop Rr)

Slotted & Cross-drilled Rotors (Frnt & Rr)

Infiniti IPL Sideskirts

Coming soon: Cold-Air Intake w/ Sealed Air Boxes (Future purchase)

Thank you to Russell for allowing us to be a part of making his vision a reality and for choosing us to source his G37 mods. Interested in getting more out of your Nissan Z or Infiniti G/Q50? Talk to our Mod Experts like Elliott (x8009) – call us at 714-582-3330 or chat live with the experts at for expert advice on your next mod or click HERE to schedule your install appointment today.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time!

Story by Nick Gregson