When we have a happy customer that keeps coming back, we get to see the evolution of a car from stock to their vision of what their car should be. When that happens, they’re not just a customer – they’re a Champion. Evan Lim has been modifying his LCI BMW 335i Sedan [E90] with advice from Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei to put together the silver super saloon you see today.

We took a few minutes to ask Evan for his honest input about his experience modding his E90 and why he keeps coming back to MB for his E90 mods.

1. You have been a great customer of ModBargains, what has keep you coming back time and time again?

I am a consistent ModBargains customer because of the rapport built between myself and all members of the ModBargains team, specifically Alan Wei. I have nothing but great things to say about Alan, because he has been like a guidance counselor for modding. Whenever I have had a question or dilemma about which route to take for modding my E90, Alan has always been able to provide sound guidance.


2. How helpful and knowledgeable have the Modification Experts been in modifying your vehicle?

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable would be an understatement. For example, if Alan did not know the answer to one of my questions, he would then go and research it until he got the answer and contact me when he found a solution. Also, when I have had issues regarding warranties, Alan has always assisted me however possible, from just providing me with proper contact numbers all the way to Alan calling the respective companies himself.


3. Do you feel comfortable and confident sending friends or family to MB?

I have sent all my car enthusiast friends and family to ModBargains. For example, my brother has a Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T and he has and continues to be a customer like myself.


4. How does MB service stack up against other modification shops?

Honestly there are really no other modification shops that stack up with ModBargains. I have dealt with just about every shop from BurgerMotorSports (BMS) to VRSF. What makes ModBargains so unique is the one on one relationship between the expert and and the enthusiast.


5. Of all the mods you’ve done, what is your favorite Mod you have and what do you like about it?

Cobb AccessPort for BMW N54 or JB4 for BMW N54 hands down. The N54 engine paired with either tuner is a perfect combination- like peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and chocolate. It just belongs together. I have had both tuners, but I ultimately decided to go with a Cobb AP based off Alan’s suggestion. My Main reasons for changing were that the Cobb AP was cleaner and faster to deal with, since it is just plugged in through the vehicle’s OBD II port and gave me the opportunity to get a custom tune for my AccessPORT by a Cobb ProTuner, which I highly recommend. (ed note: I have a COBB AccessPORT V3 on the Project Fiesta ST, and there is a big difference in power between Cobb’s “off the shelf”/OTS maps and a custom tune. Can’t recommend highly enough!)


6. What would be the first Mod you would recommend to someone who has just purchased an E90 BMW 335i (the same car as you)?

Hands down, first mod for any 335i would once again be a Cobb AP or JB4. Like I said, it completely changes the vehicle. I have had both but I decided to go with Cobb because of how easy it is to install and how easy it is to get a custom map. (ed note: A Pro-Tune for an AccessPORT will always yield more HP/TQ at the wheels than any of Cobb’s off the shelf maps, because the ECU maps is tailored to your exact car and mods – because not all cars, even when the same kind, behave exactly the same)

BMS Oil Catch Can (Current)
Carbon Fiber Trunk Lip Spoiler (Current)
ER Competition FMIC (Current)
COBB AP V3 for N54 w/Protune (Current)
StopTech Stage 2 Brake Kit (Current)
ER N54 Chargepipe w/ Tial BOV (Current)
Black Kidney Grills (Current)
Painted Reflectors (Current)
D-Force LTW5 Wheels (Current)
Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers (Current)
Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood (Current)
ER Sports Oil Cooler (Current)
Cree LED Angel Eyes (Current)
Clear LED Side Markers (Current)
BC Racing Coilovers (Current)
Quaife LSD (Current)
Always Evolving Cat-Back Exhaust for 335i (Current) – NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION
(ed note: A bit about this: Reputed to be the finest exhaust system for the 335i, the AE exhaust is no longer available. Many of you may have heard about Paul Walker and Roger Rodas’ tragic deaths a bit over a year ago – the two of them were the soul behind AE – and without them – AE almost ceased to be. Though AE have come back from the brink with a vengeance, and continued #RacingInHonor, the fact is there are no more AE Performance 335i exhausts – and won’t be again. It’s doubly sad that we lost friends that we knew personally and an awesome product for the E9X. While most only remember PW’s movie career, but he was very involved in SoCal car culture and giving back to the community – PW, not the movie star – the person, was so much more than a F&F quote. We also mustn’t forget Roger Rodas, the Porsche Racing driver behind the wheel of the CGT that fateful day, who was also a key member of the SoCal car community.)
CP-E Catted Downpipes (Current)
VRSF Wheel Spacers (Current 15mm fronts & 20mm rears)

All told, Evan’s put together one potent package with help from Mod Expert Alan Wei. Want to get as much power out of your N54 as Evan? Hit up Alan directly at x8006 or talk to any of our Mod Experts at 714-582-3330 or chat live with the Experts on

Thank you to Evan for sharing your story and for choosing us as your source for parts for your project, and thank you for joining us for another piece here on the blog. See you next time!

Story Nick Gregson

Photos Evan Lim