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Sure the Cadillac CTS-V wagon is a mighty steed, with 556 horsepower on tap, it’s certainly fast – but it doesn’t sound that way, that’s for damn sure. At least, not how it left the factory. That’s why it makes perfect sense that many CTS-V owners make a upgraded CTS-V Exhaust one of their first mods. As we said in our guide to the Best Mods for the Cadillac CTS-V, an exhaust system will make your CTS-V sound like the beast it is.

Cadillac_CTS-V_Wagon_Stainless_Works_Chambered_Exhaust (27) To give the V wagon the sound it deserved, we’re going with a Stainless Works Chambered Dual Turbo Exhaust System for Cadillac CTS-V.Cadillac_CTS-V_Wagon_Stainless_Works_Chambered_Exhaust (28) The Stainless Works Exhaust is a true cat-back system, which is why it makes as much power as it does, and that streamlined mandrel bent tubing is how it makes the numbers it does.
Cadillac_CTS-V_Wagon_Stock_Exhaust (2)

Check out how massive the factory mufflers are. No wonder you can’t hardly hear the V8 in stock form.

Cadillac_CTS-V_Wagon_Stainless_Works_Chambered_Exhaust (24) Cadillac_CTS-V_Wagon_Stainless_Works_Chambered_Exhaust (25) Cadillac_CTS-V_Wagon_Stainless_Works_Chambered_Exhaust (21)

A set of custom black tips keys into the cars other black accents and adds a more menacing character. The Stainless Works Exhaust system sounds as good as it looks, which is why Co-Founder Mike Brown runs this system on his personal Cadillac CTS-V (check out the review here).Cadillac_CTS-V_Wagon_Stainless_Works_Chambered_Exhaust (19)Cadillac_CTS-V_Wagon_Stainless_Works_Chambered_Exhaust (18)Here’s a look at the system overall.

Cadillac_CTS-V_Wagon_Stainless_Works_Chambered_Exhaust (16)Cadillac_CTS-V_Wagon_Stainless_Works_Chambered_Exhaust (13) With the system all squared away, all that was left to do was snap some photos.Cadillac_CTS-V_Wagon_Stainless_Works_Chambered_Exhaust (4) Cadillac_CTS-V_Wagon_Stainless_Works_Chambered_Exhaust (5) Check out the protrusion of the tips – just enough poke to be aggressive without overdoing it.
Cadillac_CTS-V_Wagon_Stainless_Works_Chambered_Exhaust (9)

Upgrading the CTS-V Exhaust System wakes up the CTS-V and make driving a much more enjoyable experience from the stupid grin-inducing sound to the addition of an extra 25 ponies to the wheels, so why tolerate your vanilla stock exhaust for a second longer?

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Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson