We’re very passionate about supporting our Armed Forces here at ModBargains, none moreso than Modification Expert & USN Veteran Villeneuve Kirk. A few months back, Kirk got a call from Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan a few months ago, and it also happened to be Kirk’s first saturday as a part of the ModBargains team – on the other end was USAF Captain Kenneth Richmond, asking about a set of RaceMesh BMW E60 Kidney Grilles for his ’06 E60 BMW 528xi. USAF Capt Richmond and Kirk immediately made the military connection, and that got this build going while Ken was still deployed. Cpt. Richmond told us that his friend Lt. Col. Neu from the station had referred him to ModBargains after he had a great experience getting a set of wheels from us two weeks prior.


Over the next few months, Kirk and Cpt. Richmond have been emailing and more parts have been ordered – this 5-er now wears an E60 M5 replica front bumper with fog lights out front and sits on a set of 20″ Monza wheels for BMW E60. As parts arrived, Cpt. Ken and Kirk talked about the build and how excited he was to fit the car with parts once he came home. Well, Cpt. Richmond finally got to come home from deployment and build his BMW E60 – he was giddy and he and Kirk kept in close contact as he made the trek home. For Gearheads in the Armed Forces, coming home to your project car feel nearly as awesome as seeing your family & friends again – something non-car people probably won’t understand. 

As you can guess from the photos, the Capt is not in Southern, CA – so the installation of all parts and customizations were overseen by Nigel Stewart–Rockville, MD of 355 Toyota. We’re proud to support our brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces abroad as they build their special vehicle back home, piece by piece, yearning for goodies when they come home. While it can be said that Money can’t buy happiness, it can sure buy car parts, and that’s close! What could be more American than Life, Liberty – and the Pursuit of Happiness?

Deployed abroad? We can get you the parts you need for that special car in the garage back home. Contact Modification Expert Kirk Villeneuve at 714-582-3330 x8013 or email kirk@modbargains.com or speak to any of our Modification Experts and we’ll get you and your ride squared away.

BMW-E60-528Xi-Black-Wheels-Grilles-003 BMW-E60-528Xi-Black-Wheels-Grilles-004

Story Nicholas Gregson in Collaboration with Kirk Villeneuve 
Thanks to USAF Cpt. Kenneth Richmond for sending in his project car – and for sharing photos of a BMW E60 xi in its natural habitat (snow!)