lux-led-h8-img007The BMW E46 started the whole “halo” or Angel Eye trend, but these days BMW gives you the halos, but gives you dim angel eyes with a nasty, yellowy light that really isn’t becoming on the Ultimate Driving Machine. LED Angel Eye units have been around for a while and the results are pretty hit or miss, and who knows if the “white” you ordered matches the rest of your “white” lighting.


Recently BMW Modification Expert Alan Wei introduced us to a new line of LED Halo lighting, from a company called Lux. Alan doesn’t often bring things like this up, so when he tells us to check something out, we pay attention and scope it out – and we have to say, after installing a set of LUX Adjustable-Color LED H8 Bulbs for BMW last week, we’re impressed. What are The Best Angel Eyes for BMW? These LUX H8 LEDs are pretty close, offering a brilliant 2400lm output, these are THE BRIGHTEST H8 LED angel eye bulbs on the market.

Take a look at this before/after comparison. Look how crisp the light of the LEDs is as opposed to the OEM incandescent bulb.

Now we’re able to offer a bright, reliable LED Angel Eye conversion that offers fine-tuning of color without diminishing the lumen output of the car. With 4 years of experience manufacturing Angel Eye products, LUX’s LED angel eyes for BMW are unique to halogen or xenon angel eyes because they are designed specifically to make both the inner and outer ring equal brightness while maximizing overall brightness intensity.

LUX H8 LED Angel Eyes for BMW are the premium LED angel eye lighting solution, as they offer the greatest brightness of any LED angel eye, and are simple to install. LUX H8 LEDs are 100% plug and play requiring no cutting, drilling, or modifying your headlights.


These one of a kind angel eyes feature a Color Adjustment that allows you to change the light color from a neutral white 5000K to and shift that up towards a cool blue 12,000K Color. There are 9 pre-set color settings that are adjustable by small switches on the power supply. Flip a switch, change the color. Couldn’t be easier!

lux-led-h8-img002 lux-led-h8-img003

The LUX H8 V5 angel eyes produce a total of 2400 lumen which is equivalent to a 120 watt halogen bulb! With a quality power supply, load is equalized so that your LUX H8 bulbs do not dim, and since the LUX H8 V5’s do not dim, that means they stay at their full 2400lm brightness, all the time. Many other competing brands on the market that are cheaper do not operate at full power, so their angel eyes will dim and will reduce their output by 50% or more at times. The stock bulbs are rated at 35 watts each, for a 70 watt total draw.
LUX H8 V5 lights are 1.7 times brighter than the stock bulbs in the daytime and about 3x as bright when the headlights are on. All LUX Products come with our guaranteed customer support and a 1-year warranty.

lux-led-h8-img007 lux-led-h8-img009 lux-led-h8-img008
Looks great, doesn’t it? LUX H8 LED Angel Eye Bulbs for BMW are available for most late model BMWs with Angel Eye/Halo functions.

If you’d like to take advantage of BMW Modification Expert Alan Wei‘s expertise for your own BMW mods, just give him a call at 714-582-3330 x8006 or email – or you can chat live with any of our Modification Experts at

Thanks for reading!

Story by Nicholas Gregson in Collaboration With Senior Modification Expert Alan Wei
Photos by Nicholas Gregson