Being an internet retailer sometimes comes with its own unique challenges. Considering that we’re a retailer few customers actually see in person, it can be hard for some people to trust a website with their credit card to order their parts.


Who is ModBargains, anyway? Well, we’re not just a guy in his garage with a laptop. Though the company may have been born in a College Library over 10 years ago, today, we’re an established brick-n-mortar company that’s been in business for more than a decade, with an ever-expanding storefront location and automotive installer.

With 28 people currently on staff and growing, we’ll soon boast three service bays, an alignment rack, paint booth and even an All-Wheel-Drive dyno. In addition to the actual service areas, we’ve also got a nicely appointed customer lounge as well as our huge warehouse for the vast inventory we keep stocked – but not everyone gets to see that.

We always go the extra mile for our customers and earn their trust, and this story in particular highlights the length we’ll go to in order to prove to our customers that we’re the real deal, and that we’re serious about providing customer service that’s second to none. This customer happened to be a Clinical Counselor at a Psychiatric Hospital, and who could possibly better understand Trust than a psychiatric professional?

Recently, our Modification Expert Kirk was contacted by a very skeptical customer interested in a set of VMR V710s on his BMW Z4. As we’ve mentioned, this particular customer happened to be Psychiatric professional, so given the people he’s exposed to and the number of internet based scams out there, it’s easy to see why he might be a bit skeptical about some “random” car website on the internet with great prices. A logical person just stumbling across us at random might think we’re too good to be true – great pricing, claiming to have the wheels in stock and being knowledgeable about his specific car? What shop is like that? Well, believe it or not, we are – we also have a HUGE selection of wheels for BMW. It makes sense to be careful, given the huge number of “scams” on the internet that plague even major retailers. For all he knew, we could all be Nigerian princes over here (spoiler alert: we’re not).

Kirk recommended VMR V710s in staggered 18×8.5″ ET35 front and 18×9.5″ ET45 rear in Hyper Silver Finish.
Though he didn’t quite believe Kirk at first on the fitment and availability for his Z4 (we call our guys Modification Experts for a reason – Kirk is an experienced BMW modder himself, and like all our experts, knows fitments like the back of his hand!). You may have heard our motto: “Experience, Expertise & Enthusiasm”. These core values drive our behavior here every day as After a lot of convincing and answering many questions to reassure him that we had the parts at the price promised, we wouldn’t do anything nefarious with his credit card and that his products would be shipped promptly and he’d get tracking info quickly.
Ever the professional, the customer was as thorough asking Kirk questions as he would be with a Psychiatric evaluation. Given how some retailers can take a long time to ship products and communicate with customers, the savvy consumer is going to be much more cautious in choosing whom they do business with. After having all of his questions answered satisfactorily, (like “Will this offset fit in the rear?” “How soon will these wheels get to me?” “Do you keep these wheels in stock or are they readily available?” “When will I get tracking numbers?”) the customer decided he’d take the risk, trust Kirk‘s word and give a shot. Hedging his bet, the customer decided to order just the front two wheels first – as a test, to prove that we had them available and could deliver. A smart move, meaning he’d be out less money should we have turned out to be internet thieves.

Thanks to our vast inventory in our massive warehouse, we’re able to stock many of the most popular types of wheels in the fitments our customers want, so we’re able to fulfill orders as quickly as possible.


We took to the challenge like ducks to water and dove right in. We know it can be hard to believe that any shop could know your vehicle model well, but we hire people who really are experts in their respective auto enthusiast communities. If you haven’t ordered from us before, we pride ourselves on customer service and building Customer Loyalty – our reps provide you tracking numbers as quickly as possible and will go out of their way to get a hold of you to resolve the situation if there’s ever a problem with an order. Customer Loyalty is a major priority here. Seriously, we really want you to come back to us in the future, so we’ll do everything we can to ensure your experience with us is a great one.

As he placed his order, Kirk kept him up to date with tracking numbers, answered all of his phone calls and emails – keeping the customer up to date with where his products were, when they’d get there- and slowly Kirk earned the customer’s trust. Low and behold, the customer’s wheels arrived on time, when Kirk said they’d show up – and the wheels fit as promised. We’d won over one of our most skeptical customers. Thrilled with the service he’d received on the front set of wheels, the customer called Kirk up and ordered the rear two VMR V710 wheels for Z4.


Fast forward a bit, and the rears arrived back east, and were mounted onto the car – and just as Kirk promised – the fitment was great. Now with all four VMR V710 wheels mounted, this E85 BMW Z4 looks just stunning. The customer put it best, “She’s Hot To Death!” Check out the photos of the wheels mounted on the car to see what we mean for yourself.


We understand that trust is something that’s earned, and we’ll happily prove to you we really do have the prices and service we claim to possess. Give us the opportunity to earn your business and we’ll show you that you can trust us as your go-to source for modification parts and accessories – and you’ll see why we have loyal customers firsthand.

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Story by Nicholas Gregson in Collaboration with Modification Expert Kirk Villeneuve

Photos of Z4 courtesy of C.B.