Here at ModBargains we love a build that is simple and tasteful. Mikeal’s BMW M235i is a prime example of how great a car can look with just lowering and some good wheels and tires. Obviously that doesn’t sound like much but it makes a world of difference. Imagine buying yourself yourself a nice outfit. Nothing fancy like a tuxedo or ballgown, just a nice new outfit that fits you well and all the pieces mesh well together. Wearing that new outfit you feel great about yourself and feel more confident. Springs and wheels are like that for your car, they make it look great and carry itself better without getting too unnecessarily complicated.


Mikeal’s M235i already looked great from the factory, but you can always improve upon the factory configuration of any consumer vehicle. Mikeal, with the help of our Mod Expert Kevin, decided the M235i needed some lowering to get rid of the factory wheel gap. To accomplish this he ordered a set of Dinan Performance Lowering Springs to give the car a better ride height and improve the handling characteristics. Lowering springs are one of the best first mods for any enthusiast because they are very affordable and it makes your car look way better while improving the handling characteristics of your car. He also opted for the Dinan Supplemental Ride Quality and Handling Kit which helps to maximize suspension travel and keep the car from bottoming out on big bumps.


Step two of the M235i’s transformation involved some new “shoes”. Mikeal went with a set of Sportline 7S wheels in classic silver which looks great with the car’s Mineral Gray Metallic paint. Mikeal chose the Sportline 7S because not only do they look fantastic on the car, they are flow formed construction, meaning they are very lightweight and strong when compared to a normal cast wheel. In fact the process gives them strength and weight properties almost on par with forged wheels but for a fraction of the cost.


The final was of course to wrap the Sportline 7S in some high quality rubber. No sense in getting strong lightweight wheels if you’re not going to put on performance tires. Mikeal went with a set of Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 Ultra High Performance Summer tires. This is one of our favorite tires in terms of value for money. The V12 Evo2 has excellent grip, good tread life, and superb wet traction capabilities. If you’re looking for a tire that will fit well on your daily driver but also give you high grip when you need it then the Hankook Evo2 is definitely worth taking a look at.


Individually these parts don’t seem like much but when combined they completely transform the look and feel of this M235i. If you like how Mikeal’s car turned out you can hit up Kevin who helped Mikeal to decide what parts he wanted. You can reach Kevin at (714) 582-3330 x8003 or by email at All our Mod Experts are ready and eager to help with any questions you have, big or small. To reach our general mailbox you can call (714) 582-3330 or email