F10_BMW_M5_KW_SLEEVEOVER_SPRING_KIT_ACE_WHEELS_018A few days back in the craziness leading up to the insanity of the 2014 SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas, a 5-mile maze of thousands of cars and the wildest builds on the aftermarket, this F10 BMW M5 rolled through the shop to get low before heading out to the SEMA Show. This particular M5 was destined to be a Booth Car for Ace Alloy Wheels, which you see fitted here to the M5 in a 295-30-ZR20-square setup. As far as Wheels for BMW M5 go, these are pretty handsome.


The exhaust tips sported a black carbon wrap, giving them a clean but aggressive look, but the car seriously needed a drop. The Mod Experts were on hand to install a set of KW’s Height Adjustable Spring kits, similar to what we used to call a “Sleeve-Over” kit back in the day.


We fitted this F10 BMW M5 with KW Suspension‘s Height Adjustable Spring system for F10 BMW M5, which allows you to retain use of your electronically adjustable shocks while still lowering the car like you would with coilovers. Pretty slick, no?F10_BMW_M5_KW_SLEEVEOVER_SPRING_KIT_ACE_WHEELS_008 F10_BMW_M5_KW_SLEEVEOVER_SPRING_KIT_ACE_WHEELS_009 F10_BMW_M5_KW_SLEEVEOVER_SPRING_KIT_ACE_WHEELS_010 F10_BMW_M5_KW_SLEEVEOVER_SPRING_KIT_ACE_WHEELS_012 F10_BMW_M5_KW_SLEEVEOVER_SPRING_KIT_ACE_WHEELS_013


After lowering the car, this F10 looks amazing on the Ace Alloy Wheels with the car sitting low thanks to the KW Suspension HAS system.

Up front the RKP Carbon Fiber Front Lip for F10 BMW M5 lends a dose of aggression to this M5, and a set of Painted Front Reflectors for F10 BMW M5 help further clean up the front end, and a set of Gloss Black Kidney Grilles for F10 BMW M5 helps complete the look.


All those subtle BMW F10 Exterior Mods really pay off in creating a finished overall look. 


 After we sent this car home, a few days later we captured this beauty at home in the display booth for Ace Alloy Wheels looking gorgeous as ever.

F10_BMW_M5_KW_SLEEVEOVER_SPRING_KIT_ACE_WHEELS_025Whether you want to add coilovers, lowering springs or just a new set of wheels and tires, let the Mod Experts at ModBargains help you with your build. Call 714-582-3330 today to get expert advice from experienced Auto Enthusiasts who’ve been there, done that and can help you take your ride to the next level.

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Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson