BMW_F10_535i_Remus_Exhaust_StreetRace-2 The F10 BMW 535i moves with authority, but the 335i-style dual exhausts really don’t sell it with the bigger body looks of the 5-series. To remedy the problem, this 535i came to see Senior Mod Expert Alan Wei. Alan’s seen this before – and so have we, come to think of it. As we mentioned in our Best Mods for F10 BMW 535i blog post, the exhaust really defines the character of the rear end of the car and offers an improvement in aesthetics, sound, and even performance as well.BMW_F10_535i_Remus_Exhaust_StreetRace-3

Fitted with a set of gorgeous quad 84mm Carbon-Fiber Trimmed tips, the Remus Sport Exhaust System for BMW F10 535i offers a deep, muscular growl you’d expect out of an angry german inline six.

BMW_F10_535i_Remus_Exhaust_StreetRace-6The “Street Race” tips are a classic distinctly German style, and the carbon fiber trim and Remus logo really gives it a sporting look that works well both on an understated daily driver or a flamboyant show car, and the tone of the exhaust is more authoritative, but not obnoxious and doesn’t ‘drone’ to ruin the usability of your car.

Have a listen to the sound of this system in the clip below.


The owner of this 5-series tells us that he plans to lower the car and pick up a different set of wheels too, to really give the car a complete look.


Thanks for joining us! See you next time.

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Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson