Like we’ve said before, the OEM shocks of the BMW E90 3-series by now are in need of replacement. Since many of you out there want to lower your E90 BMW 328i suspension anyway, a great way to do it is by completely replacing the worn out OEM springs and shocks with a set of Coilovers for BMW E90 3-Series. This E90 is serious about his road-holding performance, so he opted for a set of ST Suspensions Coiloers for BMW E90.BMW_E90_328i_ST_Suspensions_Miro_111_matteblack_img-5

Of course, to get the most out of any suspension upgrade, you need sticky new rolling stock to match. A set of Continental Extreme Contact 275-30-19 tires in the back will ensure the back end stays planted, and the aggressive beefy tires compliment the custom functional rear diffuser. To accomodate tires that wide, a new set of wheels for BMW E90 3-series was in order- a set of Miro 111 Wheels for BMW in 5x120mm in matte black.

BMW_E90_328i_ST_Suspensions_Miro_111_matteblack_img-22 BMW_E90_328i_ST_Suspensions_Miro_111_matteblack_img-21



After a quick test drive, we turned the car back over to the owner to send it off for some fun in the twisties. Check out how the car sits on the new ST Coilovers (currently on sale for less than $1k!)

Scope out that side profile.
BMW_E90_328i_ST_Suspensions_Miro_111_matteblack_img-14 BMW_E90_328i_ST_Suspensions_Miro_111_matteblack_img-13
This BMW E90 is a heck of a lot more aggressive than before and has the performance to match thanks to a completely overhauled suspension and some seriously beefy rear tires.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson