Rolling up in Laguna Seca Blue wearing a CSL Style E46 Front Bumper, Hugo G’s E46 BMW M3 has a presence all its own – to say it’s eyecatching would be an understatement. Hugo’s been working with Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei for some time now and today he’s brought it by for an E46 exhaust upgrade.bmw_E46_m3_laguna_seca_blue_CSL_bumper_CF_diffuser_Rogue_el_diablo_exhaust-31

Up front the car sports a 1-Piece Carbon Fiber Front Lip for BMW E46 with CSL Front Bumper, giving the car a more aggressive aesthetic and this is one of the few aero setups that may actually have some effect, owing to the motorsport-derived heritage.bmw_E46_m3_laguna_seca_blue_CSL_bumper_CF_diffuser_Rogue_el_diablo_exhaust-41


Mod Expert Alan recommended that Hugo opt for the Rogue Engineering El Diablo Cat-Back Exhaust for E46 BMW M3, as it offers  significant reduction in weight, improved power and a rich, aggressive sound. The Carbon Fiber CSL Style Diffuser for E46 M3 has been partially painted in matching Laguna Seca Blue for a sharp contrast.


The exhaust tips peek out just enough from beneath the bumper – but the sound is just as important as how it looks. Have a listen to the video clips below.


In addition to the CSL bumper, E46 owners might note how clean the headlights look – that’s no Meguiar’s PlastX – the E46 Headlights have been refurbished with a set of New Headlight Lenses for BMW E46, giving the car an even sharper look.



Overall, the car is a stunner and definitely a neckbreaker everywhere it goes and with the Rogue Engineering Exhaust for E46 BMW M3, this LSB CSL kitted M3 has the roar to match its aggressive exterior.

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Thanks to Hugo for letting us share his ride with you, and thank you for joining us once again. We’ll see you next time!

Story & Photos by Nick Gregson