A few weekends back, we hosted the 2nd annual 1FEST, the largest meeting of 1-Series owners on the West Coast, put on by our friends over at 1Addicts. We had great success with our Bimmers-n-Breakfast E9X 3-Series meet, so we were expecting a crowd for 1Fest.

BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-31 More than 50 128i and 135i’s packed into our lot, and we had some friends out to help us – Vogtland Suspension, Injen Technology and VMR Wheels all came out to show their support for the 1-series community, each donating some great stuff to give away to the 1-series aficionados that made an appearance.




Our friends from Vogtland love the 1-series – the platform is very near and dear to their hearts, as their USA VP daily drives a Dinan-modded E82 135i, and of course, her 135i rides on Vogtland Coilovers for 135i – and their staff donated two sets of Vogtland Lowering Springs for E82 1-Series to give away to two lucky 1-series owners. Unlike most other “show” cars, this 135i drives to and from every show.BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-58

Our friends from Injen Technology came out as well, donating an Injen Intake for E82 128i/135i. Injen is another local SoCal company, based just 30 minutes away from the shop in Pomona, CA – and though no 1er sports an S55 under the hood, Evolution Racewerks F82 BMW M4 Widebody was showing off its Injen intake as well.
BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-84The Venom 1M Converted E82 135i looked amazing on Crimson VMR V701 wheels.
BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-138 After everyone parked and got settled in, ModBargains Co-Founder Mike Brown gave everyone a personal tour of our recently-remodeled-and-expanded shop space.BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-141 Mike explains the new “Mod Auto” sign for the installation shop. We’re still ModBargains for all of our online sales, but the name ModAuto does a much better job of telling people what we do and what we offer, and the new signs look pretty boss, too.
BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-156Mike took everyone on a tour of the shop (pictured) and the warehouse next door, giving everyone an inside look at our day to day operations here.BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-7BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-15BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-36BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-41BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-42BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-53BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-82BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-112BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-116BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-136BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-144BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-145BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-146BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-152BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-162 BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-102BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-143BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-149
BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-8BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-21BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-80BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-101BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-111BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-148BMW_E82_1Fest_2015_128i_135i_1M_at_ModAuto-150All in all, we had an amazing turnout – special thanks to our friends from Injen Technology, Vogtland Suspension and VMR Wheels for helping to make 1Fest 2015 a success.

That’s it for the photos from 1Fest 2015, the 1-Series meet at ModAuto, thank you for reading and most importantly, thank you to each and every one of you who came out to make it such a great meet. We look forward to throwing our next one!

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson