The F80 BMW M3 is a darn potent super sport sedan right out of the box, but even BMW itself can’t help modding it. We offer the full line of BMW Performance parts and accessories, and Ronald A brought in his new M3 to give his F80 M3 Exterior a thorough BMW Performance makeover.


To liven up the front end and increase downforce, we installed a BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Side Splitters and BMW Performance Front Splitter for F80 BMW M3 – but that’s not all that’s going on in this shot that’s contributing to Ronald’s M3 looking so clean. A set of Painted Front Reflectors for F80 BMW M3 have been installed, omitting that nasty blob of amber from the front end, and then a set of Gloss Black BMW Performance Kidney Grilles for BMW F80 M3 helps tie together the blacked out look.



Further cleaning things up is the fact that this car has never been defiled with the villainy of holes in the bumper for a front plate, instead, it manages to legally display the front plate with a No-Holes License Plate Mount for BMW F8X.

But we didn’t stop there. Oh no.

BMW_Performance_F80_M3_Mirrors_Splitter_Sidemarker_Exhaust_Spoiler-1 A set of BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers for F80 BMW M3 now adorn each wing mirror, lending an aggressive aesthetic to the exterior.BMW_Performance_F80_M3_Mirrors_Splitter_Sidemarker_Exhaust_Spoiler-2


The genuine carbon fiber looks good at every distance.BMW_Performance_F80_M3_Mirrors_Splitter_Sidemarker_Exhaust_Spoiler-11Further enhancing things is a set of black BMW Performance Black Fender Grilles for BMW F80 M3 on each fender.
BMW_Performance_F80_M3_Mirrors_Splitter_Sidemarker_Exhaust_Spoiler-8The black fender grilles help deepen the blacked out look Ronald’s M3 already had going on.BMW_Performance_F80_M3_Mirrors_Splitter_Sidemarker_Exhaust_Spoiler-9
Then it was time to finish off the rear of the car. We installed a Carbon Fiber BMW Performance Trunk Spoiler for F80 BMW M3, giving the trunk a nice subtle kick-up, and the carbon fiber detailing ties into the mirror caps. 
Finishing off the rear end of the car is a Black BMW Performance Exhaust for F80 BMW M3, which simultaneously enhances the sound of the car, its appearance and its performance with a handful of extra ponies.

The gloss black tips really lend a sinister character to the F80 M3 Exhaust.BMW_Performance_F80_M3_Mirrors_Splitter_Sidemarker_Exhaust_Spoiler-14

The end result is that with a little help from the Mod Experts, Ronald’s F80 M3 now sports a super clean yet menacing white/black look that manages to do the white/black look without overdoing the balance. And of course, Balance is what you can expect of any BMW Performance part.
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Thanks for joining us! See you next time.

Story & Photos Nick Gregson